This girl is a missionary! 5/5/14 (email #23)

For all you bored people wanting to read about my life:

Who is a missionary?! This girl is a missionary! This entire week i was able to pop out of bed and not even feel tired! who new it was possible to get a good amount of sleep and a regular routine and have energy for the day- weird concept right?!  

Well the survey i told you about is working like a champ! There honestly could not be a better way for finding. We think that it is magic. This week Sister Smock and I declared that we probably had the two best lessons this week we have yet had thus far on he mission! Our lessons are getting more powerful and more effective and clear each time. Sister Smock and I are in the groove, don’t throw it off!


But this we found this lady named Carolyn and her family is apart of many different religions and she is not a regular church go-er anymore because she feels like too many people just go to out dress the next person and she feels that church is not meant to be a beauty competition. I applauded all around! Well we did the survey with her and gave her the first lesson and she seemed very open to learning more and praying and reading to know if Joseph Smith was a true prophet and if our message was true. So she said she would read the introduction and Moroni 10:3-5 before we came back and we have another set appointment with her this week! 

Ubaldo. Ubaldo is a man we are teaching who has really been through a lot through out his life and is still wondering why he is still alive. He is tight on money, no job, back pains, cancer survivor, divorced and still puts a smile on his face everyday. He has opened his door to a friend whose trailer got stolen and had no where to live who happened to be a less active member of our church and through her, that is how we found Ubaldo. After we gave him the first lesson he said thast he would pray to know if it were true and that night he did! When we came back he said that he had good news for us. He said that he asked God to show him a sign to know if it were true and said that right when he said that that he was filled with the most unbelieveble feeling in the world. He said he felt so happy and was filled with complete joy and was in tears! Obviously, now he can not wait to come to church and now his 19 yr old son is super interested and wants to learn more as well.

Well this week i had a moment. You might say that i wasnt thinking. So bishop Tobler and his wife went out of town to Utah for the weekend and Sis Smock and I had the house to ourselves. Woooh party right?! Not exactly, still a missionary. BUT her and I have started making smoothies in the mornings and we sort of take turns making them so one morning while I was trying to blend the smoothie i decided it needed some stirring since it wasnt going anywhere. I think i can stick in my sppon just at the top and try to mash some of the fruit in like i would at home with our handy dandy vita mix blender. WRONG! The spoon caught the blade and knocked into blender and broke the side. Dumb! Dont worry, i still ate what i could of the smoothie though 🙂 But then mrs fix it over here put it back together with some good ol super glue! Good as new! Ya, im going to have to tell the Toblers about that when they come home…

The mexican cultural dance is still a go! We got the costumes and have learned the entire dance! Got to get my mexican yells down and i am set! It feels like im back at the dance barn at clogging practice, i love it!


Some sad news for the week, our progressing investigator Maria from Delta dropped us and said she doesnt want to play with God. Well something someone said must have scared her but we were both sad. 

Interviews with President Murdock and skyping home for Mothers day is this week! Therefore, it is a good week to be a missionary this week!  I love the experiences that i have been able to have thus far on the mission and cannot believe that my 6 month mark is tomorrow! One year to go people! I enjoy the fact that missionary life is now normal for me and that i can still be the same ol me just closer to the Lord! What a life! 

Have a jolly week!,

Hermana McRazy



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