On top of the world 4/28/14 (email #22)

Hola Muchachos! 

So remember how I told you how great great and blessed my immune system was last week? Well Karma came and stabbed me in the back. Here’s a pleasant story for you all…..

  So Bishop Tobler who we live with asked Sister Smock adn I if we would give the youth of his ward a quick fireside on missionary work this last Sunday. Of course we agreed. And the day comes and my stomach and been feeling different all day. Not a great feeling. Well we ate dinner at a members house and I only ate a little bit because my stomach had not been too happy and then we had to leave to go to the fireside. I told Sister Smock we were going straight home afterwards because I was not feeling well but had to step up to the plate and give our fireside like we had promised we would. Im feeling just like poop putting a big fake smile on face to cover it up and about ten minutes in as Im speaking I tell them all, “Ill be back, i’ve got to go to the bathroom real fast!” -give my companion the eye and we bolt to the bathroom! Made it just in the nick of time and puked my guts out, waited till I didnt look like i had just seen a ghost and we made our way back to the fireside. I felt a lot better and we finished the fireside and went straight home after that so i could collapse on my bed. All i could think of was the movie Princess Dairies when Mia rushes out of her class giving her speech so she could go hurl! Yep, i felt on top of the world but no biggie.

Well and a brighter note, this week was come and see and there were a few new investigators that the members had brought to church and they seem real golden! So good job to member missionary work! Also one day when we were both out knocking we saw some people who pretty much invited us over so we could talk to them later and it was probably one of the best things because that does not happen everyday. They seemed really nice and we’ll be back to see them later this week!

And holy cow but my emailing time is like up! Sorry mom. But at least i made time to give you all my throw up story. I know it will at least somehow brighten your week;) Dont worry, I feel better now!


We see miracles everyday and I know the Lord is answering my prayers! Love you all!!!

Ill give you more of an update on Mother’s day though!!!! :))))

(mom dont kill me)

Hermana McRae



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