oodilaly oodilaly golly what a day 5/12/14 (email #24)

Hello my dearly beloved once again!

Two exciting things this week- Interviews with President and Mothers day skyping session! Sister Smock and I had to do our hair two whole times this week! Was the effort really worth it…?

First off, when are interviews with President not good? Everyone loves feeling loved by that person who is so important! But really that man has so much love for all of his missionaries, having interviews with him is the best! Even if it is only like 10-15 minutes with him.. 

He is a pretty inspired man though. the things that he really emphasized with all of the missionaries this time was using our tools. half our of BOM reading every morning, study PMG (preach my Gospel) every morning, say the mission 9:00 AM companion mission prayer every morning, have set member lessons every night at 8:00 and find everyday! 

    I can honestly say that Sister Smock and I are obedient to all of these except for our member lessons. That is something that we have been having trouble with is working better with our branch. But we are making better plans to get more involved with the members (it’s just kind of hard to track them all down when they have kids and live you know?) WRONG, not an excuse! Sister Smock and i will do better on that this week I promise. This is the Lords time and we will use all of the tools we have to help progress this work.

Well this past week i finished reading the BOM and was underlining every reference that was related to Christ or said His or the Lords name. Surprisingly there were only about 7 pages that had no marking on them. And who says that Mormons aren’t Christians?!

Skyping home to all of your probably was the best thing in the world!! My frined emailed me and said that 30 minutes in during his skype session home to his family the internet stopped working! I think i literally would have balled my eyes out if that happened to me! Good thing the Lord knows what I am and am not able handle ha! 

This week we found about 5 new investigators with the help of the superdiduper survey tool we have – ya baby!

Tonight our branch is having a Mother’s day BBQ activity thing at a members house so yummy free food for us- ya baby!

After dinner we are suppose to start our district fast so that we all have a baptism this month which we will- ya baby!

I talked with you all yesterday so my email has an excuse to be shorter today- YA BABY!

Thanks mom for making one of the best days on the mission possible so I can tell you how much I love you. You truly are the best mom and i know you have sacrificed so much for me. I love you and I thank you for all you have done for me because I truly have been blessed to be your child. I hope you had a happy Mother’s Day and enjoyed all the food the family minus me was able to slave over and make for you yesterday and try to anoint one day to be super special for you. Family, you should do that everyday for her while im gone so she knows just how much I love her:) (your welcome mom;) )

-Hermana McRae


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