6/16/14 He’s skiing on one ski!!! (email #28)

B- Born to be wild!
R- Reads Harry Potter to me
E- Emily is his favorite daughter
N- Never complains
T- Talent at growing “fresh” vegetables

What does that spell?!?!?! BEST DAD IN THE WORLD!!! Happy Father’s Day Burnt!
Well dad I did end up making you a gaint cinnamon roll this past weekend for fathers day (relief society activity) but since you weren’t here to collect it I had to eat because no one else would… Just kidding I was actually going to eat it but on the way home from church since it’s really close to the Tobler’s we were walking and on the way back I gave it away to someone who probably needed it more than me… I also gave him a BOM too and he said he would come to church next week so we’ll see if he’ll actually do so.

Well as most missionaries do so I have learned some wonderful things over the past week. Do you really want to know or do you really want to know? Ok I suppose i’ll tell you.
The most wonderful thing learned this week is that my Spanish is definitely improving and I’m happy about it. All I can say is THANK YOU LORD:) No it’s not amazing but I am feeling better about it!
So what i actually learned from this is that you can trust in the Lord with all thine heart because there was a reason He called me to speak Spanish and He knew I could! Yes, I already trusted in Him before but reaffirmations are always good and plus I’m kind of stoked that the Spanish is flowing now! Good things good things 🙂

Well if that wasn’t good news this certainly was. The other day when Sister Noakes and I were trying to contact a referral we decided to knock a house but before we did we prayed that this person would help us find or lead us to someone to teach. Well when we asked if there was any Spanish speaking people in her area she pointed out a whole long street that all were Spanish! MILAGRO because we have knocked almost all of the trailer parks (where you can find a lot of Hispanics) and decided we should start looking in houses because apparently we were being close minded. So this new neighborhood is actually pretty nice and Sister Noakes and I are super excited to try out this whole new street of the more well off Hispanics.

The many weeks that I have been here there has been a less active that we have never been able to get a hold of or find her at home. And last night when we were wondering what we should do next because all of out plans and back up plans had fallen through the thought came into my head that we could try Elvia though I wasn’t super excited about it because really she lives a bit further away and she is NEVER home. But when we went to try her not only was she home but the president of our branch and one of his counselors were there too! So it actually was super helpful that they were there or else I dont think she would have opened the door because that’s norm that usually happens when we try her.

Funny little tid bit. the boy sitting at the computer next to me right now is playing some sort of computer game and he keeps narrating all of his moves and he just said, “wanna mess with me? Wanna mess with me?!” I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself:)

Well not only am I grateful that my Spanish is improving but I also have become very grateful for my teaching skills as a missionary. At the beginning of the mission I probably was pretty awkward trying to teach some people not knowing exactly what to say but jumping from point to point. But my teaching is really starting to flow and become more powerful.
Something that I have been thinking about lately is our divine potential. We as children of God have SOOOOO much potential and I know that if we ask God for special talents or gifts there is nothing more that he wants to do but to bless us with these. I know that my talents are given to me from God and that I can use all of these talents to help progress His work and His glory.

Im grateful everyday for the truly blessed life that God has given me and all I am here for is to give everything that I can back to Him. Which is basically nothing compared to what I know He has done for me!

Working with the branch sometimes is a struggle because of some mixed ideas but we’re working and trying our best to be the best missionaries that we can be and fulfill our purpose.

Thanks Dad for teaching me all the things that I know, even to throw a softball and I hope the rest of your daughters gave you a great big kiss for me! Love you!
-Hermana McRae


6/9/14 sup (email #27)

Drum roll please ……………
My new companion is Sister Noakes!
She is from Washington the state. Was switched from English to Spanish four months ago but speaks it really well and has been out on her mission for a total of 10 months.
Thus far as a companionship we have laughed every single day. She loves the Toblers (as do I). And we seem to get along well together:)


Well since Sister Smock was transferred I had to take over the area. Also many companionships around me were changed as well. I can only think of 2 out of… a lot that stayed the same. Well the exciting thing about that is new people, new ideas, different work methods and let’s just say it, a bit of change. Time to re-zest some things up.

Bishop Tobler probably everyday has been trying to convince me to go to BYU, all I tell him is it’s not not an option but that I’m not thinking about that right now. But since living at his house i have almost met all of his 8 kids and their families. Sometimes i just feel like i’m apart of his family ha! Almost every night when we end up talking and he always gives us good life advice or a good story but the other night he practically gave us a bed time story (gospel related) but it sure did make us happy:)

Sister Noakes and I taught our first lesson together with Claudia. Claudia really opened up and told us her problems in life and wants to find God so he can help her. She is probably the kindest 21 year old I have ever met to be honest! She told us she had been struggling with an eating disorder in the past and is trying to find a good balance. Also she is just earnestly searching for the true church. She asks if we can come back and read the BOM with her before we even ask when we can come back! She also said yes to our soft baptismal invite. The problem is she lives in Delta which is 30 minutes from Montrose and she doesnt have a car and there is no bus system here…

Aliya came to church on Sunday which was good because she hadn’t been there in the past few weeks even though her parents had been coming. So I translated for her and her little sister Mckinzie during Sacrament meeting and the other classes.

Blanca had read 7 chapters of the BOM on her own but still doesn’t know how she feels about it. She likes it when we are there and we are there to explain it to her so it makes sense and we help apply it to her and her life.

love you!

:)))))))))))) 6/2/14 (email #26)

Dear FamShamily …and friends:) 

The day has come. It is here. I might still be in mourning but it has alas come. There was nothing we could do to stop it but here it is: SmocRae is near the bitter end. Sister Smock is being transferred and I will be taking over the area with someone new. Life goes on and we all have to deal with big things and goodbyes in our life but let the memories never die. SmocRae will always have a special part in my heart. So let’s roll on with the new! 1 2 3 here we gooooooo!

Exciting news for the week: Ubaldo is on date for baptism for the end of June! We had a lesson with him with a member from our branch and there was no way he was not going to say no to baptism! He wants it and knows it is from God! The only problem we have to face now is him keeping his commitments. I have faith in him and in the Lord but what Ubaldo needs is faith in himself. He needs the motivation and the fellow shippers. We are really going to be focusing on him this next transfer!

Aliya: We werent able to see her this week because she was out of town. But we talked with her mom Tasha (the recent convert) and she filled us in a little bit about her thoughts. Always good to hear another point of view. So we know that she is getting closer to baptism but the problem is that there are no girls her age in the branch and she doesnt speak Spanish… So in our meeting yesterday at church we were discussing either bringing her to an English ward so she is not so bored and can understand OR try to bring girls her age from other wards to fellowship her and keep her in this ward. Her dad is the only one that needs the Spanish branch because he doesnt speak English. hmmmmmm

Well this transfer we have some big goals for this area. We want to activate two of our less active familes to be activated and for every progressing investigator we our going to have a solid fellow shipper for them! 

I know the Lord only gives us things that He knows we can handle and that we have a purpose and something to give in every area. I know im still needed here in Montrose and my heart and soul will continue to work and give my all. I really truly am excited to continue to keep working in montrose and continuing my purpose and the work here. 

1 Nephi 3:7!!!

Moses 1:39!

I love you all and sincerly apologize for my lack of prioritizing my emails but i do have to go now:( talk to you all next week with the new comp! 

Long live SmocRae!


-Hermana McRae


heyoooo 5/19/14 (email #25)

Dearest you!

The blessed day came where i was up on stage again, although this time I was in a huge falda (mexican skirt) and all that other jazz! Not gonna lie, I had one jolly time up there! Sis Smock and I are going to make a dvd and send  you a video of it or something so you all can watch it:)


Well we had zone meeting this week and I have some good news. Our zone is leading in our mission for the most average lessons taught and for member present lessons YAHOO! Well it’s a good zone but sister Smock and I aren’t the ones helping so greatly to our member present lessons unfortunately. Although we did have two last week so that was a plus!



Ubaldo- We gave him a blessing (well the elders did) of health and told him that if he had faith enough that the blessing could heal him. We havn’t seen him since that day so Ill give you the updates on that next week. He is a great investigator and has so much excitement for our message but the only downer is he hasn’t come to church yet even though he keeps saying he will… 

Aliya- We had a good DTR with her and asked her how often we needed to come if she really wanted to be baptized. She said every other day and we are shooting for the end of this month but it is going to be one big miracle if it does happen. We don’t want to set her up for failure but we know it is possible for her to be baptized then.

Others- We are inviting everyone to church each lesson and encourage all to continue to read the BOM 

Yesterday we gave a short fireside to our branch and it turned out to be pretty good. Sister Smock and I talked for a bit about sacrifice and the blessings that come in return and then we watched the John Tanner Story. I remember watching that in the CCM and even though i had already seen it it was still a tear jerker then. This time i didnt cry though, i had to hold strong for the branch haha ..and it was in Spanish which just isnt entirely the same.

Sister Smock and I are going to go hike the Black Canyon today so hopefully we dont die (jk were only doing a little hike there today but another pday we’ll conquer the big stuff). Also there is still snow on the mountains but im so happy because this morning we reached the point that there wasnt even frost on the grass to see:) Smock isnt too happy about that because now it’s going to be getting too hot for her. 


Prabably the coolest thing that happened this week was a street contact that we had that just made us feel so good to be alive! Well we were walking out of a lesson and we usually park at a neighboring house who also happen to speak spanish because there is no room in front of the house we teach at. So these men who are normally working outside of this neighboring house normally see us come and go while they are up on their roof working but we would usually talk to them for a bit in spanish and then get to our appointment. Everytime they think we are magic because we are two white girls who speak Spanish. But this week as we were leaving our lesson we got to actually talk to them because they werent on the roof this time! The two men there named Jaun and Tito basically told us when we were finished that what we just said was the most profound thing they had ever heard!  Also that they had never been challenged like that before (talking about real things and such as feelings and beliefs I suppose). They were too scared to set up an appointment but we gave them the Restoration pamphlet and told them to call us when they had finished reading it. So hopefully they do so because really they could tell what we do was legit and  had so much purpose. YES IT DOES!

For all you folks who had any desire to read this: I know as we draw closer to the Lord that he WILL bless us and give us more clarity in our lives. I know that the Lord answers prayers because he has all my life and I have seen him do it yet again all this week because He is the hoy, ayer y para siempre:)

I Lovest thou todos! 

te quiero

-Hermana Mcrae


oodilaly oodilaly golly what a day 5/12/14 (email #24)

Hello my dearly beloved once again!

Two exciting things this week- Interviews with President and Mothers day skyping session! Sister Smock and I had to do our hair two whole times this week! Was the effort really worth it…?

First off, when are interviews with President not good? Everyone loves feeling loved by that person who is so important! But really that man has so much love for all of his missionaries, having interviews with him is the best! Even if it is only like 10-15 minutes with him.. 

He is a pretty inspired man though. the things that he really emphasized with all of the missionaries this time was using our tools. half our of BOM reading every morning, study PMG (preach my Gospel) every morning, say the mission 9:00 AM companion mission prayer every morning, have set member lessons every night at 8:00 and find everyday! 

    I can honestly say that Sister Smock and I are obedient to all of these except for our member lessons. That is something that we have been having trouble with is working better with our branch. But we are making better plans to get more involved with the members (it’s just kind of hard to track them all down when they have kids and live you know?) WRONG, not an excuse! Sister Smock and i will do better on that this week I promise. This is the Lords time and we will use all of the tools we have to help progress this work.

Well this past week i finished reading the BOM and was underlining every reference that was related to Christ or said His or the Lords name. Surprisingly there were only about 7 pages that had no marking on them. And who says that Mormons aren’t Christians?!

Skyping home to all of your probably was the best thing in the world!! My frined emailed me and said that 30 minutes in during his skype session home to his family the internet stopped working! I think i literally would have balled my eyes out if that happened to me! Good thing the Lord knows what I am and am not able handle ha! 

This week we found about 5 new investigators with the help of the superdiduper survey tool we have – ya baby!

Tonight our branch is having a Mother’s day BBQ activity thing at a members house so yummy free food for us- ya baby!

After dinner we are suppose to start our district fast so that we all have a baptism this month which we will- ya baby!

I talked with you all yesterday so my email has an excuse to be shorter today- YA BABY!

Thanks mom for making one of the best days on the mission possible so I can tell you how much I love you. You truly are the best mom and i know you have sacrificed so much for me. I love you and I thank you for all you have done for me because I truly have been blessed to be your child. I hope you had a happy Mother’s Day and enjoyed all the food the family minus me was able to slave over and make for you yesterday and try to anoint one day to be super special for you. Family, you should do that everyday for her while im gone so she knows just how much I love her:) (your welcome mom;) )

-Hermana McRae


This girl is a missionary! 5/5/14 (email #23)

For all you bored people wanting to read about my life:

Who is a missionary?! This girl is a missionary! This entire week i was able to pop out of bed and not even feel tired! who new it was possible to get a good amount of sleep and a regular routine and have energy for the day- weird concept right?!  

Well the survey i told you about is working like a champ! There honestly could not be a better way for finding. We think that it is magic. This week Sister Smock and I declared that we probably had the two best lessons this week we have yet had thus far on he mission! Our lessons are getting more powerful and more effective and clear each time. Sister Smock and I are in the groove, don’t throw it off!


But this we found this lady named Carolyn and her family is apart of many different religions and she is not a regular church go-er anymore because she feels like too many people just go to out dress the next person and she feels that church is not meant to be a beauty competition. I applauded all around! Well we did the survey with her and gave her the first lesson and she seemed very open to learning more and praying and reading to know if Joseph Smith was a true prophet and if our message was true. So she said she would read the introduction and Moroni 10:3-5 before we came back and we have another set appointment with her this week! 

Ubaldo. Ubaldo is a man we are teaching who has really been through a lot through out his life and is still wondering why he is still alive. He is tight on money, no job, back pains, cancer survivor, divorced and still puts a smile on his face everyday. He has opened his door to a friend whose trailer got stolen and had no where to live who happened to be a less active member of our church and through her, that is how we found Ubaldo. After we gave him the first lesson he said thast he would pray to know if it were true and that night he did! When we came back he said that he had good news for us. He said that he asked God to show him a sign to know if it were true and said that right when he said that that he was filled with the most unbelieveble feeling in the world. He said he felt so happy and was filled with complete joy and was in tears! Obviously, now he can not wait to come to church and now his 19 yr old son is super interested and wants to learn more as well.

Well this week i had a moment. You might say that i wasnt thinking. So bishop Tobler and his wife went out of town to Utah for the weekend and Sis Smock and I had the house to ourselves. Woooh party right?! Not exactly, still a missionary. BUT her and I have started making smoothies in the mornings and we sort of take turns making them so one morning while I was trying to blend the smoothie i decided it needed some stirring since it wasnt going anywhere. I think i can stick in my sppon just at the top and try to mash some of the fruit in like i would at home with our handy dandy vita mix blender. WRONG! The spoon caught the blade and knocked into blender and broke the side. Dumb! Dont worry, i still ate what i could of the smoothie though 🙂 But then mrs fix it over here put it back together with some good ol super glue! Good as new! Ya, im going to have to tell the Toblers about that when they come home…

The mexican cultural dance is still a go! We got the costumes and have learned the entire dance! Got to get my mexican yells down and i am set! It feels like im back at the dance barn at clogging practice, i love it!


Some sad news for the week, our progressing investigator Maria from Delta dropped us and said she doesnt want to play with God. Well something someone said must have scared her but we were both sad. 

Interviews with President Murdock and skyping home for Mothers day is this week! Therefore, it is a good week to be a missionary this week!  I love the experiences that i have been able to have thus far on the mission and cannot believe that my 6 month mark is tomorrow! One year to go people! I enjoy the fact that missionary life is now normal for me and that i can still be the same ol me just closer to the Lord! What a life! 

Have a jolly week!,

Hermana McRazy



On top of the world 4/28/14 (email #22)

Hola Muchachos! 

So remember how I told you how great great and blessed my immune system was last week? Well Karma came and stabbed me in the back. Here’s a pleasant story for you all…..

  So Bishop Tobler who we live with asked Sister Smock adn I if we would give the youth of his ward a quick fireside on missionary work this last Sunday. Of course we agreed. And the day comes and my stomach and been feeling different all day. Not a great feeling. Well we ate dinner at a members house and I only ate a little bit because my stomach had not been too happy and then we had to leave to go to the fireside. I told Sister Smock we were going straight home afterwards because I was not feeling well but had to step up to the plate and give our fireside like we had promised we would. Im feeling just like poop putting a big fake smile on face to cover it up and about ten minutes in as Im speaking I tell them all, “Ill be back, i’ve got to go to the bathroom real fast!” -give my companion the eye and we bolt to the bathroom! Made it just in the nick of time and puked my guts out, waited till I didnt look like i had just seen a ghost and we made our way back to the fireside. I felt a lot better and we finished the fireside and went straight home after that so i could collapse on my bed. All i could think of was the movie Princess Dairies when Mia rushes out of her class giving her speech so she could go hurl! Yep, i felt on top of the world but no biggie.

Well and a brighter note, this week was come and see and there were a few new investigators that the members had brought to church and they seem real golden! So good job to member missionary work! Also one day when we were both out knocking we saw some people who pretty much invited us over so we could talk to them later and it was probably one of the best things because that does not happen everyday. They seemed really nice and we’ll be back to see them later this week!

And holy cow but my emailing time is like up! Sorry mom. But at least i made time to give you all my throw up story. I know it will at least somehow brighten your week;) Dont worry, I feel better now!


We see miracles everyday and I know the Lord is answering my prayers! Love you all!!!

Ill give you more of an update on Mother’s day though!!!! :))))

(mom dont kill me)

Hermana McRae