7/7/2014 I <3 the 4th! (email #30)

Happy late best holiday ever!!!

This fourth of July I will admit I was a tad scared that it was going to be just like any other day in the mission field but boy was I wrong! First off, our mission president told us that we werent suppose to do missionary work do to everybody would be celebrating and running into drunk people.. probably other reasons as well but you get the jist. So what we were suppose to do was spend time with members less active and any bbq that you got invited to. And this particular weekend ALL the Toblers were going to be home. All the kids and their kids and even Grandma Tobler! SO exciting 🙂

The fourth of july ended up going a little bit like this:
Wake up go on a little run with with Noakes. Get ready for the day. Drive to Ouray. Stood on a corner with some of the Toblers watching the end of the annual 10k race and watched more of the Tobler’s run by and finish strong. Then we all went and ate breakfast at a give a little donation (or however much) and we’ll fill up your plate breakfast. Was pretty tasty! Afterwards watched the parade with the Toblers. Then went with the Toblers over to the racing game area where all of their kids (the grandkids) were able to participate and win money in little relay races. Yes I was a tad jealous i couldnt participate… But it still was way fun to watch all the little kids run their guts out and fall and trip and win and cry and gleam over the entire thing. It was definitely a sight to be seen. Afterwards Bishop Tobler, Brooke Tobler, Sister Noakes and I went on a little hike (Laura would call it a walk) up to a waterfall, it was really pretty and i enjoyed the “hike”.
During our entire time in Ouray we had to do a bit of walking around and there were a lot of people there as well but what my favorite part was how famous you feel when your a missionary and as you’re walking down a crouded street someone calls out “HEY SISTERS!” and stops you to shake your hand and ask where you’re from 🙂 That probably happened to us at least 8 times that day. You definitley stick out of a croud when you’re in your long skirts and tags on!
Then we went to dad’s cousin Maryanne River’s house and she fed us a very nice lunch and we were only able to talk for a good ol hour or so until Sister Noakes and I both crashed on her ever so comfortable recliners! Ya it’s been a LONG time since ive had a nap and boy did it feel good! We thanked her for her hospitality and then headed back to Montrose! Where next all the Montrose missionaries were able to sing some patriotic songs in an old folks home. They of course all sang along and it was great! Then we had a bbq at the Toblers and then were able to watch the fireworks with them! ❤ lets just say Sister Noakes and I both LOVE the Toblers! The are the best!

Anywho, I have good news. For the first time in my mission an investigator has finally come to church. Well Aliya has come to church many times in the past but her parents are recent converts and was already coming… So im counting this one as my official first. This would be Ubaldo. Now he didnt only just come to church but he even bore his testimony during testimony meeting (cried) AND he stayed for all 3 hours! Glory to on high! It felt so amazing knowing that through my calling as a representative as Jesus Christ that I was able to be an instrument in his hands and bring one of his children to his church:) Ubaldo has SO much desire to be closer to God but he has Chemo fog leftover from his cancer where he has trouble with his memory remembering to do things. But this Sunday Sister Noakes made it so there was no possible way that he wouldn't come to church (not implementing Satan's plan or anything…). But he came and I was so incredibly happy that possibly a few tears of joy rolled out of my eyes when I saw him bearing his testimony up there at the pulpit.

To add on to this great story, one of our AMAZING members (after he had already gotten up twice to bear his testimony) lept from his seat and ran over to Ubaldo after he was done bearing his testimony and embraced him in his arms for a good whole minute. He didn't even know Ubaldo but already had so much love for him. Many other members as well gave him a big warm welcome but after they waited till after the meeting;) To me, seeing how well Ubaldo fit in and was accepted into this branch was a miracle. Our members could not have done a better job. Ubaldo was beaming and even took a Gospel principles book home with him so he could be ready for next weeks lesson. Ubaldo mentioned in his testimony that he said he has been looking for the truth and he really hopes that he has found it 🙂 What a guy, what a guy! I know he has found the truth!

Hope you all have the best week ever!
-Hermana McRae

p.s. I also have been able to sinig and play the guitar this past week because one of the Tobler grandkids brought his guitar! I have been in heaven!!! So many fun kids and Toblers AND a guitar! ❤ ❤ ❤


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