7/14/2014 As Zions Youth in latter days! (email #31)

Dear homiesssss,

This week I must admit I didn’t know what was going wrong with our numbers so when on Thursday after our district meeting our numbers were the lowest of lows I have seen in a while I decided to take some action. Sister Noakes and I decided to start a fast with a S.M.A.R.T. goal in mind so our fast would have a good end result and we knew was possible but we were going to be needing the Lord’s help. Right after we ended our fast we went to work! The first people we saw were in a trailer that had been empty for a long time and i was really confused about because in the past there was a really solid investigator who lived there but we were only able to teach her once before she disappeared. So then this day I saw two people inside that both Sister Noakes and I felt was who the Lord was putting in our path and who we were suppose to go talk to. So we do! And when we do we find out that this couple married for two years (exciting because a lot of our investigators aren’t married and breaking the law of chastity…) are so ready for this gospel. The man had already been to our church about 3 times because his boss had invited him and is Christian (the wife Catholic). Both Spanish speaking! We had a good mini lesson with them and got a return appointment.

Then we had three more lessons that night and our schedules suddenly became FILLED with solid plans and appointments for the next day! AND we made a few calls and had a member to come out with us to all of them. We were seeing rapid blessings being poured from the Lord from our fast and we could have not been more excited!

The next day rolls around and after a long day of weekly planning, we go out with our member and put Ubaldo on date for baptism! He is now on date to be baptized august 9th and is really excited about it! He also came to church this Sunday and stayed again for all three hours 🙂 And Aliya was able to come to church as well.

Sis Noakes and I ended up being one lesson short of our goal but we decided it was all good since we had one more investigator than expected to church and we had the miracle of putting Ubaldo on baptismal date 🙂 YAHOOOZA!

Let’s just say the San Juan branch is going to be having some wonderful new people joining into the branch really soon! I’m excited to baptize the world! …Well I suppose I would be if I had the Priesthood so maybe better words would be – I’m excited to convert the world!

Well it is the start of a new transfer and Sis Noakes and I are both staying! After seeing this recent miracles I know this is going to be a bomb transfer and we are going to step up our game and set higher smart goals in order to achieve the things the Lord has sent us here to do! Let me be an instrument in His hands! I am sharpening my ax! This is for you mom!

Thanks for the prayers sent my way and Ill be sure to put them to good use! BYEEEEE!

-Hermana McRazy!


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