8/4/2014 WOAHHH we’re half way there – living on a prayer! (email #34)

This week we had a miracle finding the best and most golden investigator that i have ever seen! Her best friend is a Mormon. She LOVES our message. She already knows what we are telling her is true. But sister Noakes and i couldn’t help from laughing when she said, “oh, i could never be a Mormon because i drink coffee.” That’s it! She has no other problems or doubts but only just a little coffee addiction. We are going to baptize her. She may not know it yet but we sure do!

Ubaldo this week came to church. Stayed for all three hours and is more than ever excited to be baptized. We did have to switch his date to the 23rd of august but that is his new and absolute date that he WILL be baptized on:) 🙂 🙂 I mostly just love watching the growth that he has made in this gospel. He ha loved it too and knows that God is with him during all of this!

This past week Sister Noakes and I had a good comp inventory and I truly already have seen an amazing difference in our companionship. She is a wonderful missionary but I had felt like their were some things that needed to be brought up because i always felt like a was too domination in this companionship. And that’s not the way it is suppose to be. We talked some things out and she was grateful for my input and we have been rocking and rolling ever since. So what i have learned a lot of this past week is patience and letting my companion have more of a chance to say the things that the spirit is telling her to do as well. Things this week were well and we found 7 new great investigators and had more member present and lessons than ever:) Things really seem to be doing so good here in Montrose and I LOVE it!

this i what i sent Bethany about it:
But this past week something was really eating at me and t was my companion. I really have been dominating a lot of this companionship because my comp just wasn’t sharing her ideas or ever taking the lead and just really hesitated to do anything with out me doing it first.,.. No bueno. So I sat her down and we had a little pow wow and she was very understanding and knew that she should be giving more and not just always waiting for me. So i gave her the slogan of “Just do it” and to always be confident and that she doesn’t have to wait for me to do anything. TO just go for it and trust in the Lord everything that He has given her. We are all set apart as missionaries and she has the authority and calling to follow the spirit and help all that come into our path.
But since our pow wow things have been so much better. Communication is always the key my friend! It can work wonders and i attest to that! Which i already know you’re better at communication than i am but Ill try to keep it up for myself 🙂 Man, talk about the mission being real marriage prep!

Sorry im copying and pasting but time has flown like a bullet today!

This past week there were many visitors in the Tobler home (their kids and their kids friends home from college) and the return missionaries (elders) kept trying to tease us because they were so biased against sister missionaries and thinking they didn’t work hard. Well I sure spoke up after that point! Sadly the teasing still didn’t stop but I know they still could tell sister’s do rock! But let’s also all be honest. Every mission IS different from each other. Especially from state missions to out of the country and different cultures and ever with different mission presidents. Any who, the mission still is the best and I love meeting all of these new people!

Today we went on a hike on our mountain women Monday sisters and we tie died some mountain woman Monday shirts for our next hike 🙂

Well exciting new i bought a new journal today because guess what?! I filled my first journal! Mom you better be happy 😉

love you all!
-Hermana McRae


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