7/28/2014 Happy pioneer day :) (email #33)

Dearest YOU,

Hello hello!

This week we were able to teach Ubaldo again and we were able to help lift his spirits. He has been feeling really down about his crazy family life taking place right now and we helped him by reading a few scriptures with him. He said when we were all done that he thinks he should always read the BOM whenever he is feeling down and we fullheartedly agreed!

Sis Noakes and I have been praying to find the elect and apparently that meant for some people to drop us.. Sad but true but i’m not discouraged because we are on the hunt and someone else will be more ready and their time to hear the gospel and learn to repent! But we did find a less active Hispanic woman of another branch who was glad to sit down with us and sounds excited to come to church in our Spanish speaking branch! The member work and the missionary work seem to be both hastening here and it is making me oober happy and grateful to be surrounded by such great members and leaders 🙂

Well to celabrate pioneer day sis Noakes and I ran 3 miles in the morning (her first time) and then we pulled about 300 weeds each at a museum we serve/volunteer at! Pictures to be sent next week along with all of our hiking pictures! Today we went to Blue lakes with the Toblers and since i forget a windbreaker i was the lucky one to wear the poncho up at the top! Classy and loved it;)

Sorry I’m running short on time since I’ve been running up a mountain all day but next week should be more thorough;)


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