7/21/2014 Eyooooo (email #32)

HELLO family!

You may be asking yourself, “How was Hermana McRae’s week this week?” Well I will tell you 🙂

So this week I Hermana McRae and Hermana Noakes had yet again what I would call a good week.

Milagro! I am pleased to tell you that I am feeling so much better about Spanish. Yes, i have always loved Spanish but can you believe Im actually feeling like I understand the language now?! Well yes, my ears have opened up just as the Lord has promised and that I would be able to teach His children in this language. I just feel good and am excited about the progression that has been made in this language. Can I get a Hallelujah!!

Onto Ubaldo: He is still on date to be baptized on the 9th of August. This week we were able to teach him the Word of Wisdom and to add upon our excitement this commandment should not be too hard for him to keep. He will only on occasion have a beer when he is feeling down but we taught him that he will be so much happier and free-er if he chooses to live the commandment of the word of wisdom and he accepted! Though, the sad thing was that he canceled on us twice this week and we were only able to teach him once :/ The other times he claimed to be not feeling well and busy. And he also didn’t come to church this week. We called him numerous of times but there was no response. Hopefully this week we’ll be able to see him more and add onto his excitement which I know he already has about this church. In the mean time we will be praying that he will accept the law of tithe and fast and fast offerings for this next go around since he currently is unemployed. We all know the blessings that comes from these commandments and we pray that the spirit will touch him to know that blessings will come his way if he fulfills them.

Mirium: She is an investigator that we have had a hard time getting her to make future appointments with us but we were yet again placed in her path at the exact moment that she would accept us again. The Lord is amazing. So she still keeps saying how she feels so comfortable around Mormons and wants to keep learning more. We asked her where she was in the BOM since we had invited her to read the introduction and to our amazement, she had already read up to chapter three! We then continued to read the next chapter with her since she had a bit of some confusion and as we were telling her the story of Nephi and his family, she was already applying the scriptures to her life. How awesome! She really liked us coming and she even set up a next appointment to see her this Friday:) Oh but we love it!

Well if you want to know how much the Tobler’s love us (the family we live with), Bishop not only likes to give us some encouraging missionary work related “bed time stories” he has now even begun giving us a nightly lullaby! He has a really nice sound system up stairs and blasts the EFY medley “As Sister’s in Zion” so we can hear it in the basement when we plan for the next day 🙂 He loves that song! But we love it. Also, the hollers that come from upstairs to us saying, “Yo sisters! You want some ice cream?!” still have not ceased! I think he likes to use it as an excuse so he can have some too;)

Well to help the enormous plates of food the members feed us along with Bishop Tobler’s ice cream bowls we have been going running on the daily! And do you want to know what?! I actually really enjoy running now! Just a little tid bit, but hey it feels good and I’m getting better! I’m no Tobler runner but it is good to know and feel the improvement:)

Something I am so grateful for is how much the Lord has been helping us these past few weeks in really being able to teach more lessons than we have in the past. After our fast to be able to get more lessons we feel like we have been on a roll and we keep setting our goals higher and higher because we have been able to reach them! I know that there yes still is loads of room for improvement. On the appearance its seems that our numbers have been improving but what you cant see is the little things that I know I could be improving on. Sometimes i like to ask myself, “What am I giving to the Lord? What more could i be giving to Him?”

And a little tip from a friend, love unconditionally. If your thinking about yourself, you will not be happy. Focus your time and thoughts on others and you will find true happiness and charity:)

I love you! You are all in my prayersies!

With much heartfelt love,
Hermana McRae


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