6/9/14 sup (email #27)

Drum roll please ……………
My new companion is Sister Noakes!
She is from Washington the state. Was switched from English to Spanish four months ago but speaks it really well and has been out on her mission for a total of 10 months.
Thus far as a companionship we have laughed every single day. She loves the Toblers (as do I). And we seem to get along well together:)


Well since Sister Smock was transferred I had to take over the area. Also many companionships around me were changed as well. I can only think of 2 out of… a lot that stayed the same. Well the exciting thing about that is new people, new ideas, different work methods and let’s just say it, a bit of change. Time to re-zest some things up.

Bishop Tobler probably everyday has been trying to convince me to go to BYU, all I tell him is it’s not not an option but that I’m not thinking about that right now. But since living at his house i have almost met all of his 8 kids and their families. Sometimes i just feel like i’m apart of his family ha! Almost every night when we end up talking and he always gives us good life advice or a good story but the other night he practically gave us a bed time story (gospel related) but it sure did make us happy:)

Sister Noakes and I taught our first lesson together with Claudia. Claudia really opened up and told us her problems in life and wants to find God so he can help her. She is probably the kindest 21 year old I have ever met to be honest! She told us she had been struggling with an eating disorder in the past and is trying to find a good balance. Also she is just earnestly searching for the true church. She asks if we can come back and read the BOM with her before we even ask when we can come back! She also said yes to our soft baptismal invite. The problem is she lives in Delta which is 30 minutes from Montrose and she doesnt have a car and there is no bus system here…

Aliya came to church on Sunday which was good because she hadn’t been there in the past few weeks even though her parents had been coming. So I translated for her and her little sister Mckinzie during Sacrament meeting and the other classes.

Blanca had read 7 chapters of the BOM on her own but still doesn’t know how she feels about it. She likes it when we are there and we are there to explain it to her so it makes sense and we help apply it to her and her life.

love you!


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