6/30/14 frijoles chido (email #29)

Hello earthlings!
How is the 112 degree weather treatin all of you? I’ve just been here, enjoying the cool breezes of our 98 degree weather here in the great Colorado deep!

This past week Sis Noakes and i were in Applebees for dinner using the gift card a member gave us and yes the food was amazing but the entire time they were playing oldies! Not until the very end did the beat drop in of a song for two seconds and we freaked! It was Forever by Chris Brown and that is what we would like to call a tender mercy here in the mission πŸ™‚
Then as we were leaving probably the funniest thing ever happened. We were driving out of the Applebees parking lot and pulled to the right turning lane at the light and were waiting for our time to turn after maybe a good minute and a half or so Sis Noakes says, “Are those cars parked??!” There was nobody in the cars in front of us and they were pulled off to the side of the rode and we were just chillin behind them waiting for them to turn! We probably laughed about that for a good another 20 minutes tears running down our faces!

Thursday night we had a really fun activity with a lot of effort put into the entire thing. It was glow in the dark volleyball with black lights and glow sticks galore! The missionaries got all decked out and made matching San Jaun shirts to wear, bandannas and glow in the dark face paint! Yes we play hard and it was a blast! The only draw back is not too many people showed up.. Which made it really fun for all of the people that did show up but I couldn’t help but feel bad for the presidente of our branch because of all the excitement he had for this, all of his build up and time, ideas and effort and only a few showed up… :/ We DID get a less active to come though so that was a success! And a few investigators as well so that was good too πŸ™‚

Oh guess what mom, I made Oreo truffles this past week!!! They were as good as ever! But we made them to give to some of our investigators who seemed to be having a hard week. Also we shared some with the Toblers and they fell in love with us even more ha. We figured out the way to Bishop Toblers heart… It’s definitely through his stomach! He probably has a bigger sweet tooth than me!

This week is the fourth of July and as missionaries we are suppose to get invited to as many member bbq’s or something as we can because basically there would not be anybody who would want to listen to missionaries on Independence Day.

We weren’t able to teach as many lessons as we usually are this past week but I know all of our efforts weren’t wasted. On Sunday i was asked to translate in sacrament mtg because we had someone giving a talk form another ward in our branch which was in English and obviously we needed a translator! Well i did what i could and i did my best. It wasn’t too bad but I was happy to do it:) My companion would have done a much better job than i did but she seemed really nervous to do it so I basically volunteered and said i would do my best!

We did however get to teach Maria Zavala this week and it was amazing because it has been so long and she still has a testimony and truly feels the spirit when she reads the BOM. I know the BOM truly a book of God and that Everyday we have the opportunity to read it and take steps closer to Christ and in the right direction. Everyday we have the opportunity to live our lives and make ourselves better. The best creations we will ever make on this Earth is ourselves.

I love you all and will send some pics next week!
-Hermana McRazy


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