6/16/14 He’s skiing on one ski!!! (email #28)

B- Born to be wild!
R- Reads Harry Potter to me
E- Emily is his favorite daughter
N- Never complains
T- Talent at growing “fresh” vegetables

What does that spell?!?!?! BEST DAD IN THE WORLD!!! Happy Father’s Day Burnt!
Well dad I did end up making you a gaint cinnamon roll this past weekend for fathers day (relief society activity) but since you weren’t here to collect it I had to eat because no one else would… Just kidding I was actually going to eat it but on the way home from church since it’s really close to the Tobler’s we were walking and on the way back I gave it away to someone who probably needed it more than me… I also gave him a BOM too and he said he would come to church next week so we’ll see if he’ll actually do so.

Well as most missionaries do so I have learned some wonderful things over the past week. Do you really want to know or do you really want to know? Ok I suppose i’ll tell you.
The most wonderful thing learned this week is that my Spanish is definitely improving and I’m happy about it. All I can say is THANK YOU LORD:) No it’s not amazing but I am feeling better about it!
So what i actually learned from this is that you can trust in the Lord with all thine heart because there was a reason He called me to speak Spanish and He knew I could! Yes, I already trusted in Him before but reaffirmations are always good and plus I’m kind of stoked that the Spanish is flowing now! Good things good things 🙂

Well if that wasn’t good news this certainly was. The other day when Sister Noakes and I were trying to contact a referral we decided to knock a house but before we did we prayed that this person would help us find or lead us to someone to teach. Well when we asked if there was any Spanish speaking people in her area she pointed out a whole long street that all were Spanish! MILAGRO because we have knocked almost all of the trailer parks (where you can find a lot of Hispanics) and decided we should start looking in houses because apparently we were being close minded. So this new neighborhood is actually pretty nice and Sister Noakes and I are super excited to try out this whole new street of the more well off Hispanics.

The many weeks that I have been here there has been a less active that we have never been able to get a hold of or find her at home. And last night when we were wondering what we should do next because all of out plans and back up plans had fallen through the thought came into my head that we could try Elvia though I wasn’t super excited about it because really she lives a bit further away and she is NEVER home. But when we went to try her not only was she home but the president of our branch and one of his counselors were there too! So it actually was super helpful that they were there or else I dont think she would have opened the door because that’s norm that usually happens when we try her.

Funny little tid bit. the boy sitting at the computer next to me right now is playing some sort of computer game and he keeps narrating all of his moves and he just said, “wanna mess with me? Wanna mess with me?!” I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself:)

Well not only am I grateful that my Spanish is improving but I also have become very grateful for my teaching skills as a missionary. At the beginning of the mission I probably was pretty awkward trying to teach some people not knowing exactly what to say but jumping from point to point. But my teaching is really starting to flow and become more powerful.
Something that I have been thinking about lately is our divine potential. We as children of God have SOOOOO much potential and I know that if we ask God for special talents or gifts there is nothing more that he wants to do but to bless us with these. I know that my talents are given to me from God and that I can use all of these talents to help progress His work and His glory.

Im grateful everyday for the truly blessed life that God has given me and all I am here for is to give everything that I can back to Him. Which is basically nothing compared to what I know He has done for me!

Working with the branch sometimes is a struggle because of some mixed ideas but we’re working and trying our best to be the best missionaries that we can be and fulfill our purpose.

Thanks Dad for teaching me all the things that I know, even to throw a softball and I hope the rest of your daughters gave you a great big kiss for me! Love you!
-Hermana McRae


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