:)))))))))))) 6/2/14 (email #26)

Dear FamShamily …and friends:) 

The day has come. It is here. I might still be in mourning but it has alas come. There was nothing we could do to stop it but here it is: SmocRae is near the bitter end. Sister Smock is being transferred and I will be taking over the area with someone new. Life goes on and we all have to deal with big things and goodbyes in our life but let the memories never die. SmocRae will always have a special part in my heart. So let’s roll on with the new! 1 2 3 here we gooooooo!

Exciting news for the week: Ubaldo is on date for baptism for the end of June! We had a lesson with him with a member from our branch and there was no way he was not going to say no to baptism! He wants it and knows it is from God! The only problem we have to face now is him keeping his commitments. I have faith in him and in the Lord but what Ubaldo needs is faith in himself. He needs the motivation and the fellow shippers. We are really going to be focusing on him this next transfer!

Aliya: We werent able to see her this week because she was out of town. But we talked with her mom Tasha (the recent convert) and she filled us in a little bit about her thoughts. Always good to hear another point of view. So we know that she is getting closer to baptism but the problem is that there are no girls her age in the branch and she doesnt speak Spanish… So in our meeting yesterday at church we were discussing either bringing her to an English ward so she is not so bored and can understand OR try to bring girls her age from other wards to fellowship her and keep her in this ward. Her dad is the only one that needs the Spanish branch because he doesnt speak English. hmmmmmm

Well this transfer we have some big goals for this area. We want to activate two of our less active familes to be activated and for every progressing investigator we our going to have a solid fellow shipper for them! 

I know the Lord only gives us things that He knows we can handle and that we have a purpose and something to give in every area. I know im still needed here in Montrose and my heart and soul will continue to work and give my all. I really truly am excited to continue to keep working in montrose and continuing my purpose and the work here. 

1 Nephi 3:7!!!

Moses 1:39!

I love you all and sincerly apologize for my lack of prioritizing my emails but i do have to go now:( talk to you all next week with the new comp! 

Long live SmocRae!


-Hermana McRae


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