Older and Wiser 4/14/14 (email #21)

Dearest beloved ones,

As you are all fully aware, I am still on a mission. Now that I am 20 you can all consider me older and wiser. My companion and I have found a new found love for our mission’s new way to knock doors. The Survey. It is a miracle worker! What it is is a new technique to weasel your way into someone’s house and to get them to tell you all of their life’s woes, wishes and beliefs. So we can then inturn teach them the first lesson more directed to their needs. It’s pure genius really. 

What we do is we knock on the door, introduce ourselves (not the church yet) and ask for their name and for their help for a quick short 10 question survey. If they ask what about, we respond, “Well the first question is your opinion about a strong close family.” Then we take a step forward and ask if we may come in – they open the door wider and we walk straight in and point saying, “Straight through?” and sit oursleves down and ask if their is room for them so they are comfortable. Then we begin the survey!  

When it’s complete we say thank you for your time and helping us with our survey. In fact, we have a message that goes hand in hand to those questions such as where we come from, why am i here and where will i go after i die. But it is of a spiritual nature so would it be alright if we started with a prayer? And BOOM we jump in.

I dont know if that entirely makes sense since i just quickly summarized it but the point is, we are getting in a lot of doors and finding a lot of new investigators (5 this week) and also knowing what they need help understanding and such. Miracle worker.

This week by finding so many new investigators it made me realize that i not only just want to bring people into this gospel but that i want to bring families into this gospel. I have also come to learn that the more i work the happier i am! This Gospel truly is amazing and i know everything even if it does seem hard at the beginning and is from God Is going to be the happiest and easiest way for us because it is from Him. 


We also have what we call member lessons at 8:00 pm when we dont have any other set appointments and i think that they are the best things ever. We go and reteach members the restoration to them and it really invites the spirit into their homes. It builds upon their testimonies and helps them realize their testimonies and gives them a chance to share them with their family. It also gives us missionaries a great spiritual way to end the night and let the members know we care for them. Then if we’re lucky theyll give us a referral because they know they can trust us.

By just having stake conference and general conference and zone conference and just being a missionary I DO see the need and all of the help members can do by helping with missionary work. Ask your fellow missionaries how you can help them. Member present in lessons are awesome. You all have a testimony and you can all share them! Bring your friends to your activities or church! They are interested! 

Whelp thanks for all you DO do. People are watching. 


-Hermana McRazy


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