heyoooo 5/19/14 (email #25)

Dearest you!

The blessed day came where i was up on stage again, although this time I was in a huge falda (mexican skirt) and all that other jazz! Not gonna lie, I had one jolly time up there! Sis Smock and I are going to make a dvd and send  you a video of it or something so you all can watch it:)


Well we had zone meeting this week and I have some good news. Our zone is leading in our mission for the most average lessons taught and for member present lessons YAHOO! Well it’s a good zone but sister Smock and I aren’t the ones helping so greatly to our member present lessons unfortunately. Although we did have two last week so that was a plus!



Ubaldo- We gave him a blessing (well the elders did) of health and told him that if he had faith enough that the blessing could heal him. We havn’t seen him since that day so Ill give you the updates on that next week. He is a great investigator and has so much excitement for our message but the only downer is he hasn’t come to church yet even though he keeps saying he will… 

Aliya- We had a good DTR with her and asked her how often we needed to come if she really wanted to be baptized. She said every other day and we are shooting for the end of this month but it is going to be one big miracle if it does happen. We don’t want to set her up for failure but we know it is possible for her to be baptized then.

Others- We are inviting everyone to church each lesson and encourage all to continue to read the BOM 

Yesterday we gave a short fireside to our branch and it turned out to be pretty good. Sister Smock and I talked for a bit about sacrifice and the blessings that come in return and then we watched the John Tanner Story. I remember watching that in the CCM and even though i had already seen it it was still a tear jerker then. This time i didnt cry though, i had to hold strong for the branch haha ..and it was in Spanish which just isnt entirely the same.

Sister Smock and I are going to go hike the Black Canyon today so hopefully we dont die (jk were only doing a little hike there today but another pday we’ll conquer the big stuff). Also there is still snow on the mountains but im so happy because this morning we reached the point that there wasnt even frost on the grass to see:) Smock isnt too happy about that because now it’s going to be getting too hot for her. 


Prabably the coolest thing that happened this week was a street contact that we had that just made us feel so good to be alive! Well we were walking out of a lesson and we usually park at a neighboring house who also happen to speak spanish because there is no room in front of the house we teach at. So these men who are normally working outside of this neighboring house normally see us come and go while they are up on their roof working but we would usually talk to them for a bit in spanish and then get to our appointment. Everytime they think we are magic because we are two white girls who speak Spanish. But this week as we were leaving our lesson we got to actually talk to them because they werent on the roof this time! The two men there named Jaun and Tito basically told us when we were finished that what we just said was the most profound thing they had ever heard!  Also that they had never been challenged like that before (talking about real things and such as feelings and beliefs I suppose). They were too scared to set up an appointment but we gave them the Restoration pamphlet and told them to call us when they had finished reading it. So hopefully they do so because really they could tell what we do was legit and  had so much purpose. YES IT DOES!

For all you folks who had any desire to read this: I know as we draw closer to the Lord that he WILL bless us and give us more clarity in our lives. I know that the Lord answers prayers because he has all my life and I have seen him do it yet again all this week because He is the hoy, ayer y para siempre:)

I Lovest thou todos! 

te quiero

-Hermana Mcrae


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