Happy Easterzzzz 4/21/14 (email#22)

Children of the Lord,

This week was a week of not pestilence but was a week of disease… Just kidding, my companion just caught something bad like 24 hour bug and she was really not feeling well. Lucky me though, everything i had stayed inside my stomach. It’s probably really good that we have companions though because I know I would want someone to help take care of me while I was sick! She was a real trooper though and overcame the shafts and whirlwinds beating upon her.


So we are apart of a tiny branch yes? YES! and they like to have at least one branch activity every month and this next month there is going to be a cultural activity and they wanted to perform a traditional Mexican dance. They asked us to help out and yes fill out the stage more and dance with them! Haha so yes, we are wearing the those traditional mexican skirts and fulfilling one of my life long dreams to wave that skirt around like the latino women do! It’s way fun! Haha let’s just hope it all pulls together though!


Was everybody’s Easterzz good? We helped out and hid some eggs at the Easter egg hunt that our Branch put on AND our investigators came that are on date for baptism. The only scary part about that was, our investigators showed up before us and some of the members decided to tell them that it was a private party! GAHHHH! Things got sorted out and we got there as fast as we could! The member felt bad afterwards but whew it was hard for me to bite my tongue on that one. It was only a little bit of a miscommunication though. … ….

They really enjoyed it though and it was a great activity to bring investigators to and help them get acquainted with the members ๐Ÿ™‚

This Sunday is a very special Sunday for our mission. It is called Come and See. Every ward/branch in our mission is suppose to have 5 less active and 5 investigators to church this Sunday where we will have the best Speakers speaking and having everything spoken on centered around Christ. This is to let all that come to see that we are a Christ centered and Christian church. We have given everyone a cordial invitation (a nicely written flyer) to all of our investigators and to the members to give to their non member friends:) Hopefully the plan succeeds and every ward/branch reaches their goal! Amazingness is going to happen this Sunday!

Transfer call this week and Hermana Smock and I are both staying! The powerhouse companionship will live on! We actually do work really well together and have learned to teach with more unity. Lucky us- this assigned companionship is a fabulous friendship:) So let the good times roll and we’re going to give it another great transfer! Lucky San Juan (which juan? SAN JUAN!) they have another whole six weeks with the both of us ๐Ÿ™‚ Deal with it.


Well the missionary work is working and we have 6 real solid progressing investigators. Maria and Paola who we use to be able to see only once a week now has over 3 times a week and they have been keeping their commitments and are on date for baptism. Another Maria we are teaching hasnt been able to see usย  very often and didnt seem to interested just a nice person who would listen to us read over 11 pages in the BOM! The Jarmillo is a fmily we have only visited 3 times but are sincerely praying and searching for the truth. Aliyah who has a testimony is reading and praying everynight with her little sister who she shares a room with! _how cute! Oh camilllllleee guess what we’re doing when i get home ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ haha get ready sis!


Well i love you all and i hope you’re not getting too sunburnt in the valley of death. Im getting a nice watch tan line though… life of a missionary ๐Ÿ™‚

ta ta amigos

-Hermana McRae


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