I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day! email #20 (4/7/17)


So being a missionary I did not think my birthday would even be recognized but this girl was blessed. I have wonderful friends and family and I thank you all for the love sent this way:)

Conference, oh conference. Let’s just say, I have made the ultimate high on my capability of trying to stay awake during conference! I DID IT (almost)! So conference was really good. But of course, people don’t usually describe conference in a negative way.. but lo and behold, it was still good. Since I always appreciate a good ‘ol pep talk I was quite fond of the talk given by Gary E Stevenson – the ‘4 minute’ talk. My wonderful note taking skills concluded in stating “This is your 4 minute. This is your time to perform. THE TIME IS NOW!” Nothing more than this talk which began directed towards the youth and the single adults but tied it together for everyone. So Everyone, Your time is now. What are you going to do with it?! Pump up, right?!

Dad don’t be disheartened, but Bishop Tobler (the family whose house I live in) made me and my comp home made waffles conference morning and they made me think of how great you are πŸ™‚
They were good but not as good as your whole wheat “crunchy” ones!

My companion and I feel like we are on fire finding so many new people each week to teach! Some of them are super golden and others we will just have to work with a bit more but it is true, The Lord’s work is hastening and we have so many new tools to all help out with this. More and more people are ready to receive the gospel and most of them don’t even know it but it is awesome! Everyone be that light on the hill and shine forth and be the examples and stand up with courage to be the person you really are and what you can really become!


Im am bounding in happiness each day knowing I am drawing myself and others closer to God πŸ™‚

I know this is short but just know I still love you all! Each and every day I still love you (but we will see how I feel about you tomorrow..) ha!

-Hermana McRazy


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