Peace and Blessings (email #18) 3/24/14

What a SPLENDID day in the hundred acre wood!

Montrose Colorado is going well! Probably more than well but we’re just going to leave it at well for now so I have room to extend and improve on the excitement 🙂


The one legged pirate

I am becoming a more and truer than true mexican day by day! The mexican food here is bomb!  The language is picking up and even are our investigators!!! Because we are pink washing it was super nice I think to start out on another fresh plate even though it meant we had to work a bit harder to reach our goals. Something that I cant get enough of is how nice and giving and hospitable the Mexicans are here:) Lets just say I am definitely getting good training on how to be a good host!

Also its been a bit warmer here so today I took the big step and lost the leggings because the sun was out and I’ve just about had enough of wearing all of these layers!

Aliyah our 12 year old investigator should be getting baptized this Saturday! Were trying to teach her the good habits of going to Church, Praying everyday and Reading. We call it CPR because it is the only thing that will save you from becoming inactive. Save yourself everyone and keep up on your CPR! CPR I tell you CPR! I guess that makes me certified to save souls since I’m up on mine;)

I am super excited to work here in this branch! They are tiny but have SOOOO much potential! A lot of the members here are pumped about missionary work and are willing to come out with us if their schedules match up. The branch has a cool thing that i like called the noche de visitas where all the members who are free on friday nights at 7 meet at the church and we make a game plan. The plan is to meet as many less active as we can and then if that all falls through we go to our investigators. SO we go on splits and get paired up with a member so we can cover more ground and be super effective. No one is forgetten in this branch. everyone puts forth their effort to fellowship. They have so much faith and act on it. They people here are ready and we cant wait to strength and grow this branch!

Im still learning each day and remembering my purpose. To be and instrument in the Lord’s hands. None of this is for me. I am strengthening myself to give to Him and bring others into his fold! I have related to being in God’s army to like being in Dumbeldor’s army. In Mosiah 18 when Alma secretly takes people off to baptize people in the waters of Mormon and establishes a church! Dumbeldors Army for sure! We can all help be builders and be awesome like unto Alma!  Hope you all have a successful and enhancing week!

-Hermana McRae



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