Happy Birthday! (email #19) 3/31/14

Buenas Tardes!

This week was a good week to be a missionary. Last Monday we had a zone PDay and played volleyball at a park and of course my team dominated 🙂 It’s interesting being in a new zone with new missionaries because you think you know what all missionaries are suppose to act like. …Let me tell you, there are other kinds of missionaries than just obedient ones. Always interesting to see their take on missionary life.

Also this past week we were able to have a Sister’s counsel where all the sisters in our zone and our zone leaders, the AP’s and President Atkinson. There we roll played some of the worst scenarios that could happen and I got the one where someone was robbing me while I was trying to OYM to boys playing basketball. Don’t worry I told the dirty thieves they could keep the Holy word of God! Role plays are what we do a lot as missionaries to practice what we are going to teach so we can receive inspiration and learn new ways to improve. Yep missionaries are improving each day here! Then we talked about our goals and some of the typical sisters were crying because we all need more of that practice before we get into relief society.. But no really it was good and I am always super motivated coming out of any missionary meeting and feel like I am going to be the next UNSTOPPABLE missionary! – Ya im still working on that but we’re getting closer 😉


So the baptism that was supposed to happen this week was postponed one last time to this next coming Saturday. We really didn’t want to but Aliyah felt really uncomfortable because she wasn’t feeling well. Understandable I suppose. BUT what was really cool was that we were able to teach her punk of a kid brother and it was AWESOME! I was so happy for him and he was just making me laugh so much! At the beginning when we were talking about the BOM he told us that everything we had just said was gay and dumb -his words not mine. He’s a sophomore and only wears black, chains and has a sweet Mohawk. He’s actually been with the elders to church a few times but he says he doesn’t believe in God. His name is Joel but sister Smock and I like to call him adora-joel behind his back because we can tell that he actually is super interested and wants to learn more but just doesn’t want to admit it because of his image he puts off. HA! So yes we are pretty excited about this family 🙂

The rest of our week was a little up and down. half of the days we were on top of the world and got a lot of lessons in and new investigators just by knocking which always feels SO GOOD. And the other half felt alright but we weren’t as successful. So you give and take but we’re always trying to improve. One of the recitations that we recite in the mornings during companion study we say “One of the greatest secrets to missionary work is work…” and it goes on but I can testify that I am the happiest out here when I am working and testifying of Christ and just helping people. Basically I just tell them REPENT!! Just kidding – but maybe that is what I need to start doing because basically that’s all what the BOM is… Sorry I got off tract, but I know when I working hard I am happier and that is all I want to do because your mind can get so bogged down out here if it is other places (I’ve seen it in other sisters). My companion Sister Smock and I work great together because we both have the vision in our minds of what we want to accomplish and we both like to work hard and not waste time.

IMG_05721 (2)

Also this week we had a branch little carnival and that was fun. Sister smock and I hung the streamers and tried to make it look super festive (and we did a pretty fine job if I do say so myself)! So we played lots of games there and in the background they were playing Frozen!!! I want to see that movie so bad, but I resisted watching because I want it to be all new to me when I’m actually able to sit down at home and watch it with everyone! Ha-ha but yes that Let it go song IS good! Also at the end of the activity, all of the adults played this Mexican cup game where someone is eliminated each round and we have to this passing cup thing while singing this fun song in Spanish. But guess who won the chocolate recees bunny at the end??? This girl! That was probably the highlight of the whole thing ha!

Then also we made scarves this week in a relief society activity. It’s starting to get warmer now so I probably will be packing mine away here pretty soon but we all wore them to church this Sunday. Cute, I know. But we’re really trying to unify this branch and help them stay strong so all is good!


I played happy birthday to myself yesterday on the recorder at a members house because I saw it laying around. Let’s just say it was a tender moment for me. Ok well I love you all and hope you don’t ever have to eat soggy cereal because that is gross.

– Hermana McRae


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