(Email #14) 2/24/14

Hello to everyone back home in the Promised Land of Mesa Arizona,

I wasn’t able to go to the library to email on President’s Day, so let me update you all on what has happened here in Craig. Last Tuesday I was on exchanges and my companion decided to fall down the stairs and she sprained her ankle, yep she is talented that way!  Remember she was in the hospital two weeks before for 3 days with stomach problems.  This has stopped our work again from progressing. We are praying this is the last adventure we are going to be running into for a while.  My companion the STL (sister training leader) is having a harder time bc she says she hasn’t felt like a missionary with all the time she has had to stay in bed elevating her foot and icing.  We actually have been able to come in contact with so many different people that we probably wouldn’t have seen if it were not for her crutches.  While she is icing though i get the grand opportunity to dig into my BOM and study study study!  It’s been good.  Haha I’ve also had a good time playing on her crutches finding creative things to do with them… I use them as stilts, pole vaults and to work out with (nice leg raises).  Makes me want to slack line and ride a unicycle.  Add that to the list!

IMG_04621 IMG_04921

On Friday we were able to have interviews with the mission president and it’s always a good time being able to talk with him.

We have been helping out one of our favorite families here the Byrnes, the wife is in charge of a RS project.  Well, it goes to prove that RS has too much fluff everywhere you go!  They want us to sing again at the RS birthday party.

Last week we went hiking on pday, some of the Elders found a rat, stonned it and then skinned it! (this made me think of Kirk, it is something he and his friends would totally do.)


The people here call it Craig ‘merica because it is basically one of the most hick places in the country.  Everyone has deer or elk or whatever they shoot hanging in their living rooms.  Its camo country out here!  Better send me a camo skirt so I can fit in- jk I don’t think I want to!

The people we had on date are now off unfortunately.  We haven’t brought any investigators to church yet since being in Craig.  We finally did get the interpretation equipment.   But we have brought several less active back!!

It is still cold here but it is getting warmer and I just about die with happiness when I can sit in the sun for a second…ahhh feels so good!  Wish I could ride my bike in the sun!

I do know my purpose here as a missionary and im trying to learn to be more consecrated to the Lord.  I feel the happiness when I am working and being the missionary I know I can be and want to be. Things here are good here.  Adios Love you ALL!


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