i’m pinching you if your not wearing green right now (email #17) 3/17/14

Dearly Beloved,

I am in Montrose CO! We pink washed the area because the old spanish sisters got transferred and became STL’s sister training leaders. So we are both new to the area which doesnt normally happen- thus we’ve had a lot of work to do. I am now living in a members home with my new companion Hermana Smock! And if anyone of you were wondering, she is awesome! And what does awesome mean? A perfect definition would be Anna Griffin! My comp is the exact same replica of Anna Griffin (probably just more obsessed with peanut butter and snakes though)! So yes we get along fantastic! Her name is Zoe Smock if anyone has the desire to facebook stalk. Wow that was pretty creepy.

So I am now in an all speaking Spanish branch so that’s exciting! Im hoping this is really going to help with me actually picking up the language and being able to speak it more. Yesterday after church we went to our WML’s (ward mission leader) house and we had a fiesta! Lots of people were there and they made us dinner! I ate grilled cactus- yum, rice, grilled tortillas, salad, beans that looked like dads haha and THE BEST CARNE ASADA! Just thinking about this meat makes my mouth water, seriously I’ve NEVER had better meat than this anywhere! Holy cow, it was just SO So SOOOOO good! On that note, enjoy your granola bars for dinner tonight 🙂

So friends and family, I had a thought. So this whole mission thing, crazy right? Totally. But I just have to tell you all I am so happy! Each day is a new day to improve who I am and give myself to the Lord. I have met some of the coolest people just out on the street and people seriously recognize us as something different (and no, not just because we are wearing skirts and a name tag). one of my favorite parts of being a missionary is exploring new parts of our area and meeting all sorts of different people who have lived such different lives but innately are just awesome. I’ve come to realize that there is just so much to learn and do in this life. What are we doing each day and what more could we actually be doing? Life is short and im glad that i have been able to set apart a whole year and a half to grow myself in so many more ways than I knew I could. Not just in churchy things but in life itself, my character, my habits, my knowledge and learning how to deal with hard situations. I understand what is important and more of what I want to do with my life and who I want to be. And right now I am making myself those things. RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW YA BABY!

Guess what, (not that im counting or anything) but im coming up on my quarter mark! That’s crazy!!!

So this week ive run into a shirtless boy who was high, a man who thought we believed Jesus was an alien, lots of friendly mexicans and I think a bit of a special little boy who kept asking us where his cat was… Also last night we were at a fireside and watched a really good movie called The Butterfly Circus! Watch it! We watched it because our little minuscule spanish speaking branch is struggling. Thats why we’re here:) We’re going to start dunking and strengthen this branch!

I was laughing making a joke because our branch is called San Juan… Which Juan??? SAN JUAN!:P

The Lord knows each of our needs and weaknesses and will strengthen us all beyond belief if we let Him.

LOVE YOU ALL! Always wear clean underwear!

-Hermana McLoca


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