(email #16) 3/10/14

Well guess who is getting transferred?!?! This Girl is!!!! Let’s just say I am over ecstatic about this! I won’t find out where I am going until Tuesday morning though so ya. I also will find out who my new comp is then too. SUPER excited though and am almost all done packing:)

Well do you remember me telling you about holding Hermana Moser’s (my new trio comp in the MTC) hair back when she barfed into a garbage can? Well my last Sunday here in Craig, during the second sacrament meeting we were actually sitting in the back row right next to the door because we came in late from a meeting and I witnessed a boy walking with quick haste to the door, and heard what sounded like someone throwing a bucket of water on the floor. He didn’t quite make it all the way outside because first his throw up splattered all over the door and then as he opened it the rest fell onto the carpet. …yep it was a sight to be seen and I had the front row seats! Yes me and my comp attempted at helping to clean up but there were many others there to the rescue as well so we weren’t totally needed. Though the Elders did get to slip in “Man, what did you eat for breakfast?!” and the boys father also commented, “Son, you need to learn to chew your food!” …It was a good last Sunday there.

Ok so i guess I made it through two entire transfers without any of our investigators coming to church. Gold. I don’t know how people accept to be baptized but won’t even show up to church but whatever. I guess that is just the culture i have been hearing all about from them. They let everyone in and are just fabulous but they are terrible at keeping any commitments. Shush friends, no, that doesn’t sound like anybody you know… Ok but about three different people/families have told us that they know what we are teaching is true because they always feel the spirit as we teach them. They have even received answers to prayers but we can’t get them to church! One day my friends one day, all of these people WILL be baptized and Craig will have a Spanish branch! But I guess now i am off to a new area so who knows what lies ahead in my new investigators…

I must tell you, this week i did feel the ultimate joy and happiness i have yet felt thus far on the mission. So let me tell you a story. One day when Sis Encarnaciona dn I were out tracting we knocked on a random door with 21 year old the boy named Marko that opened up. He said we could say a quick prayer with him and come back another time so we set up an appointment for later in the week. When we came back the next time he had LOTS of questions for us and kept asking and asking which was so cool but at the same time he was being a bit abrasive and seemed a bit nervous. Every car that drove by he would jump up to see who it was when they drove by. Apparently the people who he lived with wasn’t his family and did not like the Mormon missionaries so he could not be seen with us. He then said he didn’t know when we could come back and see him, we explained we could teach him somewhere else but he didn’t have a phone so we could contact him. So it came to a weird end where we told him to continue to read the BOM but he sort of dropped us because we could never see him again…

THEN about 2 weeks later one day when i was on exchanges with a different sister with me here in Craig we get a text from an unknown number and guess who it is?! MARKO! 1st miracle- he got a phone so he could contact us. 2nd miracle- he kept our number and actually texted us! 3rd miracle- he said he moved to a new place and said we could visit him! I WAS ABOSOLUTLEY ELATED!!! I was so happy and surprised and just so full of joy and could not contain it! YEAH MARKO! The downer was, we scheduled to see him Friday and guess who didn’t text us back on Friday- Marko. Commitment issues really.


But the point of the story was, I have felt what true joy it is in being a missionary. God works in mysterious ways. I felt like I was Ammon (super not even closely comparable) when he was filled with so much joy he passed out! Missionary work is awesome and it has brought me exceeding great joy!!

Quick fun fact: Our mission has met the max amount of missionaries which is 250 and about 80 of them are sisters.


So about the transfers yes im way excited for this change. I’m planning on going and being the new top dawg missionary who gives her all and let the new ward I’m serving in that I am willing to work! When I first came here I didn’t know what to expect so it was a little bit different. This time I am trained and I am going to go and give it my all with complete diligence 🙂 -Hopefully my new comp will have the same intentions as well.

People, God doesn’t always give you the plan that you want, but he will make you the path that will be best for you.

Sing some KP for me! Later tater!

-Hermana McRae


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