Wicked Awesome Missionary (email #15) 3/3/14

My dearest family,

There’s been something unusual going  on here in Craig.  Things keep happening, but I will rise above it!  I know that’s how you would want me to respond.  Transfers are this weekend and I am so excited to see what the Lord has in store for me next!  Well it could be just the same, but that would be ok too!

I was on exchanges this weekend and got to see Teresa’s daughter be baptised.  Lucky me!  Another tender mercy from the Lord!  I think it was very special for her that i was able to be there.  It was a good baptism.


So we do have another person on date for baptism!  Her husband should be coming along too!  The problem here is that everyone works on Sundays and we can’t ever get people to church!!!

Reading the BOM has been awesome and  I cant believe how much I am learning.  The family proclamation has also given me a lot of inspiration.  I have been reading through that everyday as well.


Funny thing, when I was on exchanges I was staying at a members home where the sisters stay at  and the dad who lived there jumped out around the corner to scare me and of course I screamed and jumped and it reminded me when I would always do the same to popo coming out of the middle bathroom.  Good times.  Love ya popo!

Well im being pulled away by my companion from the computer.  I love you all.  Read those scriptures and pray for me!  Im praying for you all over here!

Hermana McRAE


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