“Reach for the stars, over the fence, world series kind of stuff..” (email #12) 2/3/14

Imagine being in a skirt, hoping over a fence and jumping into a three foot pile of snow. Now imagine doing that twice. Yep that is my exciting tale of the week. We didnt forget our keys but we got locked out of our house twice. Like once wasnt enough.

I go to open the screen door and it wont open. I pull and twist and scream and tug but nope. No cigar. So we had to make our way to the back. And pray the back door was open, thank goodness it was …the first time. The second time a neighbor had to come out when he heard me yelling as i hoasted myself over fence (not to mention in a skirt!)! It was good fun for all to watch im assuming. The reason i couldnt go throught hte gate is it would not open due to all of the snow.

IMG_03031 IMG_03061

Well ladies and germs I am still officially scabbie and bed bug free with no sick companions! This meant the mirculous thing that we were actually able to go out and be missionaries! Yes it was totally Satan trying to stop us because he knew what trouble we would bring for him because guess what?! We now have two people on date for baptism!!!!! More to come very soon!


So there are days I think i know Spanish and other days I also think i know English but then there are those days where i can not speak either! But i would just like to acknowledge the gift of tongues because in my lesson yesterday where we put the couple on date for baptism I understood everything that was going on! And yes I was speaking Spanish with no hesitations! (Simple Spanish but still) I was able to portray all of my enthusiasm and teach with clarity. Thank you thank you! I owe it all the the gift of tongues and my Savior!

Well lately ive been brushing up on the Family a Proclomation to the World and my goodness has it come in handy! People everywhere need this! We are all apart of families and they are so important! Ive had a manifestation that someone out there needs me and im ready to go find them! I will not rest, i will not eat and i will not sleep (ok well maybe i will eat and sleep) until i find them! People need to be saved and I am going to give all my efforts while I am here to bring them unto salvation! WAHOOOOO!

Love you all! Thanks for the prayers!

Hermana McLoca


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