Happy Valentines Day <3 (email#13) 2/10/14

Funniest moment this week: So as bad as this sounds yesterday during sacrament meeting I could NOT stop laughing while one of my zone leaders was giving his talk! I wasn’t laughing at him, but I was laughing at the other zone leader who was up on the stage still waiting to give his! The poor elder was so nervous he was moving all over the place with his head jerking this way and that and muttering things to himself. Hahaha it literally was a show! I only wish you all could have had the privilege to see it for yourselves as well! Seriously, I almost peed my skirt!


Worst thing this week: Well things were going so well in our work last week and we were meeting with lots of investigators! This week took a bit of a turn. One family would always make appointments with us and then cancel 20 minutes before when we had already asked members to come (this happened probably everyday). Another family that we were meeting with decided to never open there door to us again and to even go to the extent to change their number! So along with other people always cancelling on us we sort of felt the idea that we were being avoided… Anywho that wont stop us by any means! Haha we’ll just give them a few more knocks (upside their heads!!) and see what is up.

Well if you all didn’t know, it’s chili season. The members have been feeding us chili every night it feels like. WHY??? Well I decided maybe this was a blessing from the Lord because due to the beans you could say I have been a bit gassy but no worries, it’s cold outside and those beans are sure helping me keep warm! 😉


Also if you didn’t know. THE TIME IS NOW!!!! “Prepare for the ice age!” Anyways, what I learned this week is that this is the time of our lives to grow and become who we want to be. This as you can tell affects me quite well as I am serving a mission currently and helps me keep in mind and see more clearly in what I want for my future and who I want to be, who I want to marry and how I want to raise my family. Wow, I know, big. But there is always room to progress and better ourselves. That is what this life is all about! Create yourself to be the best!

This next Sunday should be exciting seeing as me and my companion have not only been asked to sing in sacrament in all three wards but to also give a talk in one of them! Don’t laugh too hard (Laura, Bethany, Alyssa and Anna) but we will be singing “I Will.” Whelp, looks like I wont be needing too much practice with that one! Now try to get that one out of your head once your companion is singing everyday!

So things were good this week. We’re going to be having interviews with president coming up here pretty soon and im excited for that! He’s a pretty cool guy (also called by the Lord). But yep that was a little update of me for time being!

Have a happy Valentines Day this week! Enjoy Laura’s sugar cookies!


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