Keep your faith up (email #11) 1/27/14

Hello world.

Well the bed bug news is one thumb up! We’ve found two in our new place over the past two weeks but im not too worried about it. I think my bed bug tales have alas come to an end (fingers crossed). So you probably all think yes, they were able to go out and finially work this week! Wrong, my comp got really sick on Monday with her stomach, went to the hospital twice and didnt get off her bed until Friday. Yes, we are still waiting for the day when we can actually have a normal missionary schedual haha! But luckily I wasn’t just trapped inside all this past week because i was able to go out on exchanges with the other sister which i loved! Ha i think they like it too because that means they got to have time to themselves to hang out at home and do what ever they wanted. But for me, I was so happy to get out!

So we have been visiting a less active newly membered (by 2 years) and have been trying to get them to come to church again. There is Erika (23) Bobby (25) and Kiki (4) there daughter. So they have struggled coming to church for a few reasons, one because Erika got offended from a member and two because Erika started up on tobacco again. Erika is the ring leader. If Erika goes to church, they all go to church including Bobby’s parents the Rodríguezes. Anyway, they all came the past two weeks and it was amazing! We’ve been able to get pretty close to them because they open up a lot and don’t hold anything (so we really do have great conversation) and they have great testimonies and appreciate the push we have given them. And sitting by them at church this past Sunday was the best feeling ever because it felt like I was sitting with a somewhat part of my family. So that felt great! Then we had pizza with them at a members house that night too so the family dinner was great yesterday haha! Sorry real family. But don’t fret, you know who i’m coming home to 😉

Earlier this week when we did try to go out we knocked on a door that said we could come back and this time when we did we got a lady screaming at our faces saying she doesn’t believe and to not come back (yes a bit dramatic). But as we were going she told us to be safe and started to come outside too to take a smoke. My companion being as persistent as she is, meant that was an invitation to keep talking with her. Miraculously, she did start to open up to us and apologized for being rude because she was having a hard week. We began talking to her about our purpose here as missionaries and talked a little bit about forgiveness. By then end she was in tears. And this is why we call the Holy ghost the comforter. So yes we will be going back to Yolanda’s house in the near future.

So i met a lot of druggies this week. Many cross faded people and other high people and the drugs have been endless. Needless to say, I’ve never smelt better. DON’T DO DRUGS!

This week, i had a realization about how much god has been apart of my life. God loves me and blesses me and guides me everyday and I know it! People don’t know this but he is there for everyone every day. They just cant see him and we need to be there to help them build there faith or even realize their faith.I want to draw closer to Him and have realized the more i do the more i want to draw closer to HIm. His way Is the plan of happiness!

LOVE LOVE LOVE! -Don’t worry im locking my heart. We’re not aloud to like boys here ha but we are aloud to love our investigators and the members:)

I hope everyone is having a good week! Remember God is always there and even in time of need. “Keep your faith UP!”

-Hermana McRae


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