“Happiness is a conscious decision, not a result.” (email #10) 1/20/14

We are in a town house and hopefully bug free for now and all of our treatments are complete! So yay, our missionary lives can finally continue! Maybe this was a good thing because now both of our excitement to go out and teach is sky high! My comp likes to put it, Satan has done this to us because he knows how powerful we our and what an influence we will make on Craig that he was trying to stop us, but no can do Satan!

So Ive always known ive loved kids but not until now have I not realized how much I really do love kids! Saturday I was on exchanges because my comp is the sister training leader and has to check up on other missionaries. But she gets a call that morning from one of our three bishops asking if we can talk in church the next day. And I don’t find this out until that night! What is the bishop thinking? The night before when missionaries are the busiest people in the world!  I obviously was not too happy about this. But atleast it was the last sacrament meeting of the day for us and I had until 1 to write it. Unfortunately the quite so easy topic of “Come unto Christ” nothing was coming to my head to write. Nothing. So I had to start from somewhere and the the talk I gave was no bueno but I did speak on the few scattered notes that I did have. Both me and my comp didn’t speak long enough so the bishop had to call youth out of the congregation to bear their testimonies. Ha and I thought people would love me for ending early…

So by the time we get out church which lasts from 9-4 (yes people 7 whole hours of church. GO TO CHURCH) we both weren’t feeling too hot. But when 5 rolled around we get to the best house and family in the world because they have so much children and I was able to play and goof around with them the entire time and I was as happy as could be. Therefore I LOVE KIDS!

One of the funniest things that happened this week was no, not when my comp dropped the phone in the toilet (she is still learning) but when we were out finding! We came to house that we knew was Spanish speaking but we didn’t know how to get to their front door so it pretty much was impossible so we made our way to the back door to knock their. It is all covered in ice and a gate we cant open so my comp leans over the little gate and puts her entire efforts into knocking on this back door. And when we did two of the chummiest goofy joyful Spanish speaking married people stick their heads out of the window next to the door because apparently it doesn’t work. But there we were standing there looking up to their window having a joyful conversation in Spanish that I cant understand with two random strangers. I was just laughing and laughing I couldn’t hold it in how silly the moment was BUT we did set an appointment with them and are returning tomorrow so hopefully we’ll figure out how to use the front door or something or we might be teaching through the window again haha!

This week I have learned that happiness truly is a choice, we can chose to be happy or we can chose to be a grump. I have chosen to clear all of those negative thoughts in my head and chosen to be the happiest I have ever been! Its hard when truly, I do get upset at things but you know what, what good is any negativity going to do dragging you down and eating away at you. I LOATH that! I want to be happy and Ill be darned if im not! I am happy and I have chosen to be happy! Bed bugs go die.

Families are Forever!

Hna McLoca


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