Wonders of Wonders Miracles of Miracles (email #9) 1/13/14

Alrighty folks, listen up because this girl has some tales to tell…

It all began a little over two weeks ago, I had found three bumbs on my neck and a few on my wrists. Then the whole heard came and i was covered in these bumbs! After a many days of cold showers, cortizone cream and benidryl my comp starting having the same reaction. We had been checked and had many different diagnosis from members and doctors telling us what they thought is was. Let me tell you, from the begining I knew and I told them what I thought it was but NO ONE believed me! But yes ladies and gentleman, I was right, It was bed bugs…. and scabbies. You can not imagine what this did to some of the members… “Aaaaaahhh FREAK OUT!” But through all of this time and many many unusual and trying things I have seen so many miracles.

Miracle 1) Two Sundays ago we were at church and staying behind after sacrament and were talking with people and one lady Sister Bohnie had stayed behind also and had overheard us talking about the bumbs on our skin. She saw them and told us exactly what it was and said she knew exactly how to treat it. Since then she has been by sides night and day helping us with everything!

Miracle 2) Except for the first day, which bumps went away fairly quickly, Neither my comp or I had any bumps under our garments.

Miracle 3) My comp and I both received priesthood blessings and right after noticed quick results of healing on our skin.

Miracle 4) My comp had lost our car keys and we searched everywhere inside for them and they could not be found. She wasnt feeling well so while I looked outide -did I mention in a storm- she was praying inside and calling for help. It had snowed six inches and I searched for a good 30 minutes by myself until helped had showed up. 5 minutes after help had come a boy knelt down to tie his shoe and BAM there was the keys!

Miracle 5) I am alive and I have new beautiful baby niece Elizabeth Decker!!

Honestly, these were only partial of the miracles that have taken place these past few weeks (I have more written in my journal but that is currently being frozen to kill the bugs along with many other thigns). I have felt God’s help and guidance everyday. I know he has a purpose for everything he has given us in this life. It is up to us to determine how we see things and act on things.

Last week, my comp and I knocked on a house we didn’t know and a Mexican lady answered and she kept telling us she was Catholic and already had a religion but we were a bit persistent and entered into her house to say a quick prayer with her and her family. My comp who knows Spanish better than I asked what blessings they needed and what they wanted to ask of from the Lord. She said a few things and especially to bless her sister because she had lost a baby recently. In the prayer my comp spoke of the plan of salvation a little and by the end the lady who would not at first let us in, was in tears. She told us we could come back whenever we wanted! I know that God had prepared her for us to come and softened her heart and guided my comp what to say in that prayer. He has prepared many for us and we are ready to light this side of the mountain (Craig Colorado) on fire with the work!  Come and get us Satan, bring it on! We are ready to work and serve! Nothing will stop His work from progressing and especially not from us! Work, work, work!

Class dismissed!

-Hermana McRae


Not only was it yes scabbies, we also had bed bugs. A LOT of bed bugs!!! Usually they are hard to find but they are/were so many they were crawling on the floor in plane daylight! My comp said she saw them the first day we moved into the appt so we do know that is where they came from was our sketchy appt! We got treated for the scabbies and had to throw aaway many things of ours that the bed bugs could have infested! We put everything in plastic bags (EVERYTHING) and had to wash all of our clothes that we were going to be wearing the next week and put everything else into a freezer. We also had to throw away some of our stuff- any powder make up and any food not in the fridge or freezer… We got out of the appt asap and President put us into the Hampton hotel for a few nights. Our scabies went away and were killed but we have to be treated one more time this week for lasting results. I havnt had my camera all week bc it was in a bplastic bag and i had to wash the case so no pics this week:( But then we cleaned our nasty appt from top to bottom with all of the missionaries help and a few members. the people that use to live there were smokers so we seriously were doing some deep cleaning! Even the walls with pinesol and such, cabinets with new lining…. and much much more. It looked and smelled a lot better once we were done. You would have been proud. They said “You can tell your mom that you learned how to clean on your mission.” And I replied “oh dont you worry, she already has!” -no worries they could tell i already knew how to!
But we slept in our appt after a few days of of not and our skin was getting much better from being away from the bed bugs and treating the scabies. But the next morning I woke in my appt with a few new more bites, that was yesterday. We were told not to go to church – the elders brought us the sacrament. And when we called President he told us that he wanted us out of that appt ASAP! So we packed everything we needed into plastic bags and took our hobo journey over to the Hampton hotel again. Living out of plastic bags is even worse than living out of a suitcase!
But yes they are now on a search for a new place for us to stay. We’ve been truly taken care of by an amazing member Heidi (sister) Bohnie. She knows all, bc she does foster care and has dealt with this before and has fed us, clothed us, housed us, treated us, bagged us, cleaned us and the appt to an extreme and probably even more! So she has been our temporary mamma for the past week…
BUT so i do have a few knew bumps from the other night in the appt but it is going away! I look a lot better!

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