2014 (email #8) 1/6/14

Can you believe its a new year? Well as a beloved daughter of God and sister missionary I guess that means I better have some good new years resolutions. ….And ill tell you about those next week when i’ve given a talk about it! Yes its true, i’ve been asked from 1st ward different from last time to give a talk this next Sunday and its on new years resolutions! Well maybe i will start brain storming now so you guys can be my test run!

1- get my middle splits 🙂

2- wake up with enthusiasm

3- be focused on my studies


ok so i cant really think of too many at the moment but I guess that’s a good start.

Well, I don’t know if all of you heard about my wonderful rash last week, but my comp got it too! What is wrong with us idk! But we were told to stay inside for a few days because we were contagious and couldn’t have contact with people. lame. But we are both looking so much better and are excited to go out and work again! Although, not gonna lie, it was nice to be able to stay in and take a nap and watch a few LDS movies 🙂 -no worries mom, I wont let that slacken any of my work! Oh also a member came and brought us one of his old couches so the timing could not have been better!


So yes I suppose it was a bit slower this week because we had to stay inside a few days. But this week we are ready to kick it into high gear and get back to the work!

Ok but I am going to tell you last Pday our entire zone played a game called zombies and it is the best game in the world! It includes, running, chasing, hiding, screaming and yes you heard me nerf guns! ZOMBIES I LOVE ZOMBIES! We played it using the entire church building!

A big thing here that all of the elders and sisters here have to learn is “Lock your heart.” So apparently i’m not suppose to find my husband here or flirt with any of the elders?? Haha jk i already knew that! But that is what they are so scared of here is of sisters and elders having feelings for each other! Well nope, no feelings here for any of them! They are pretty fun though, I just put up too good of a fight with a nerf gun though;)

So i bore my testimony this past Sunday and might have cried. Yes i know this church is true. I miss sitting by Laura at church but I know we’ll be able to reunite on one happy bench someday. Im grateful for the knowledge I grew up with for the church. I’m grateful for my family. Im so excited for out newest member and with her all the love in the world! Families are forever and I love my family! Thank you all for all of the Christmas wishes and happy new years to you all!

Thanks Bethany for the mug! I love it!

IMG_02041 IMG_02201

Good luck Heather and Todd i’m so excited for you guys!! Send me pictures! Love you!


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