Come What may and Love It (email #7) 12/30/2013

Hello one and all! How art all of thou? I be’eth great! Minus except for the fact that i want to claw a cat i am so itchy!!!!

I am having a bad reaction to something (we think it may the laundry detergent but we are still on the hunt) but i am covered head to toe in itchly red raised spots! Im a dieased freak! But no worries, keep those to yourelves because I am still alive.

Well i gave a talk in sacrament meeting yesterday and that was sure treat for the congregation! I pretty much had no time to write one and normally i write them out word for word because otherwise ill loose my train of thought but his time i had to go off of a few scattered notes! surprisingly it didnt go that bad 🙂 although I did keep it short and sweet! – But thats ok bc my comp can talk FOREVER … and she did! Basically i talked about proclaiming glad tidings of great joy and we can all do our part and we shouldnt be afraid to share such a happy message that can save people’s lives!

So it was awesome, no more than awesome to see you all through skype on Christmas. I hope you all werent too terrified of my hack job bangs. – there still a work in progress…. maybe.

christmas skype

Well i know this is lame, but i feel like i filled most of you in on everything at Christmas so i feel like there’s not much to say this week..  OH i know, here’s a good one. You know how you are suppose to “come what may and love it”? Well my comp dropped my hair brush in the toilet yesterday… YAYYYYY haha:) Ya thats now in the trash! Apparently with a previous comp she has had she dropped both hers and her comps toothbrushes at different times in the toilet! -dont worry I gave her a long lecture on how to put the toilet seat down for future safety precautions! My goodness, the liability people!

Well things here (minus the itch and the hair brush) are still great! People should be coming back from their Chirstmas’ in Mexico pretty soon and hopefully we will be teaching more! Well sorry for the breifness this week, more to come next week! Love you all!



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