Nacido ser Silvestres (email #4) 12/3/13

Google translate my subject right now! Dad lets see if your cool enough and still can read it with out the translator bc i put it for you! anywho….

Whoopie! I finally got your letters!! I actually got them last pday when i got off the computer so that made my day like nobodys bis! First off I would like to thank Laura for reminding me of the THAT´s GREAT quote in the letters bc i taugh a lesson this past sunday and I used that story in it! Lets just say it was awesome. Thanks mom for the gummy vitamins I look forward to taking every night and thanks to Bethany for the slippers you gave me, they are the best things on the face of the planet (or atleast here in the MTC). But none the less, i love them!

IMG_00921 IMG_00951

-Thanksgiving- my comp made a guess that we would be having hot dogs with gravy (sorry for still talking about the hot hogs). But no, we had a nice surprise actually! We ate with table clothes on the tables and had unlimited napkins! Ya baby! haha ok but it was the first lunch here that i didnt eat a taco and yes they did have turkey, gravy and yes real potatoes. It was actually pretty decent but of course didnt own up to our Brown family Thanksgiving feast (nothing can)! But oh, we did have really really good rolls and pumpkin and apple pie served with ice cream so that was a plus! But even though the food didnt own up, that didnt put a damper on my eating skills… I ate like a king and had my usual annual case of turkey-coma. I ate a lot!

-Always check for feet. Alrighty this is a lesson I learned the hard way this week. One day I am about to die i have to go to the bathroom so bad. But of course I was in a weird building im not normally in and have to use a weird bathroom. I walk in, and it looks scary. My companion was waiting outside. But I decided not to go in the middle stall which i almost walked into bc i though it would be more germy compared to the stall next to the wall… so its perfectly quiet in the bathroom, im the only one in there and i push the first stall open…. and SCREAMMMMM! There was a native worker going to the bathroom on that toilet and didnt lock the door!!!! I slam it back shut laughing saying ´´lo siento, lo siento (im sorry)!´´ in between laughs! She only spoke Spanish I after that moment i was atleast glad i could remember how to say im sorry to her! I then went and did my thing and we awkwardly washed our hands at the same time when i got out and were laughing a bit. But man i jumped so high when that happend, it really took me off gaurd and my comp came running in a few moments later asking what happened and that she heard me scream! …Poor lady. Haha but I see her around campus every now and then and we´ll wave to eachother now, so i guess i sort of made a new friend… But now my lesson is learned and I always check to see if there is feet in the bottom of the stalls.

-Alright heres another good one. A new set of missionaries came in this week and the third day in our district decides to play capture the flag during gym time with the new district. it was just the elders though. But it was only there third day in and a boy trips on a wall into a building, lost a few teeth and had to get plastic surgery on his face. ya not good. So crazy! Poor mamma back at home!

-I ate pig skin apparently for dinner last night.

-there is syrup here so the rumors are false about that thank goodness.

-Last sunday my companion saw another side of the real emily. Every Sunday we get to watch a movie, but the last few weeks they’ve been serious movies. But this week there was a bit of a romance and oh yes, Emily was clapping her hands, she couldnt help it! Haha it was good movie 🙂

– It was cold here and i wore my huge pink fuzzy earmuffs and yes as yoiu all know everyone was jealous.

– I found an outfit to wear all stripes and it was awesome, ill send a pic.


– I had to hang my clothes to dry on the line outside

– I love my bed

– ok and the biggest story of all. I love my top-bunk-buddy as you all know. She is my most favorite person here and we laugh and tell stories and play catch with her stuff animal money, pop eachothers backs and i pop her toes, we sing, paint nails, sit on eachothers beds and laugh and laugh and laugh. She is great. BUT a girl in my district went home bc she was severely severely sick and i got put in a trio!!!!!!! not gonna lie i was very unhappy about this at first. I still have the same companion but we are now with another girl. And it´s going to be hard. We had to move out of our casa and move into a new tiny one and pack and unpack all of our things, no fun. But I have had a calming feeling a peace and I know things are going to be alright. Ive been praying for strength though lots of strength bc this new hermana has some problems and its hard to be with her. So sad i dont have my pride and joy top bunk buddy here any more though! No worries i still took the top bunk though. That was claimed mine.

Well im still doing great here. I really wish i could go see that new movie frozen! Ive been playing lots of volleyball! I kick butt! Enjoying it here. PAZ FEURA (peace out)!

-Hermana McRzay!


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