Just know you’re not alone, we’re gonna make this place your home! (email #5) 12/10/13

Hello home!

Well as you might remember form my farewell talk about leaving for an 18 month vacation i thought that was just a joke! But really im loving it here more than anything and am constantly sooo so happy! I wake up with a smile already on my face! Things are way good here and since its my last week herein the MTC im just trying to get every last drop i can out of it!

Also the trio i was so scared and concerned for is going a lot better than expected! Maybe my long long prayers of earnest pleading we wont have bitter feelings for each other has payed off! Ha no but mostly ive been praying to be able to have eyes of charity and see people as the Lord sees them so i can just love everyone and have everyone feel my love for them.




Guys, im just a little concerned for myself. I have the heart of a fat person and eat just eat so much here compared to all of the other hermanas here. Like I eat a lot! Also i have really been wanting to go running so bad here! My compañeras dont liket he idea of running so i play volleyball instead and do mini workouts and stretch each day but its not enough! I want to go running and i know when i get to colorado its going to be too cold to even go outside! Oh well, ill just have to stick to the jumping jacks or something…

People my Spanish is coming along, yes its still muy mal but for myself i can feel such an improvement! Thank you Lord! I LOVE spanish and the people here! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! Even though i cant communicate so well through conversation here with the natives we do have many conversations through acting, facial expressions, words and lots of laughter here! Goodness gracious im having such a good time here! My favorite native hermana left yesterday- she spoke little english and i speak little spanish but we sure do love eachother and had-have a great relationship! Everybody was totes jelly, we had such a good time with eachother! Dont worry ill send a pic;)

Its decorated all Christmas-y here and i love it! Yes the weather is a lot warmer her but I love having the Christmas spirit all around! pointsettas (the red Christmas flowers) are EVERYWHERE here! There´s Christmas trees and even a Nativity set up:) how cute!




ALSO I sang in my sacrament meeting this past Sunday and ya it was good. It was really good. I sang More savior like thee bc it was the easiest piano part for Presidente Gomez (who reminds me so much of Tim Filichia I freaking love him) to play. He wants me to sing it again so he can record it ha! Also another random note my teacher miestro one day overheard me singing, i dont even know when, Roar- katy perry and now he wants me to sing that for him so he can record it it! Ya i thought that was a little weird. apparently all of the natives here are tone deaf and think its amazing when people can sing haha!

Well the other night my compañera got sick and while she was regurgitating her food back up into the garbage can, I played the important role of holding her hair back:) So they didnt teach me that in my CPR class but apparently it was life-saving worthy haha! But she felt better after she was done throwing up so that was good. So thankful i havnt gotten sick yet (knocking on wood and crossing my fingers!)

These past few weeks in the MTC i really have learned a lot. I have learned my Savior is here with me always and he helps me out a lot! I have come to more of the understanding of my purpose here as a missionary and who I am representing. Mostly I have drawn so much closer to my Savior than ever before and I could not be happier! I know many of you already know this but this gospel is true and the only way to everlasting ultimate happiness and i can not wait to share His message to the beautiful people of Colorado!

I love you all! I got another letter form Laura thanks lolo! I also got a letter from elder Damron! But i wont be sending any more letters out until i get back into the states so it doesnt take so long bc apparently you havnt gotten any of mine yet…

PAZ FEURA ya´ll! Much love,

-Hermana McRazy

oh also i got a cool soccer jersey here that says Mcrazy on the back with the #4 🙂 (i thought it would be a good mexico suvineer)

p.s.s why do i have such a hard time staying awake in the temple?????? its truly So hard for me but i try so hard to stay awake and can not do it! I think i have a problem… but otherwise, everything else has been fine haha



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