Hola!! (email #2) 11/19/13


My dearest family and friends back at home:)

Welllllll things are honestly pretty good here! Im learnig so much each day i feel like (well hopefully thats the case when i have to live in a 16 hour day here!!) My Spanish is coming very slowly but surely (it´s actaully coming along pretty well)!

Laura, Oh dear. I have been dying to know what well thought out FB post has been posted since i have left. Is a dumb video of me up yet? And you better inform me when that dancing one gets posted!! My goodness that still makes me laugh!

OK well for exercising time the other a boy in our district brought his slack lining stuff so what have we been doing here besides volleyball may you ask?? WE´¨VE BEEN SLACK LINING!  Yes that is right, slack lining! haha it´s pretty fun but way hard! Ive decided that when i come back on top of getting a drum set i will also be getting a slack line so i can practice 🙂

Alright alright and i know you have been waiting for the best story ever of my experiences that have happened here in the oh so special Mexico MTC, so here it is: An elder tooted in class. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I was WEEPING i was laughing so hard!! ok so it was silent and then DING the explosion occurred. At first we continued to be silent, I looked around to watch peoples expressions. but then another elder started laughing and looking at everybody like ¨”i cant believe that just happened” with his hands out founding the humor in it all and then i uproared in laughter and the class and yes the teacher too couldnt hold it in! But the difference for the rest of my district apart form me is, They stopped laughing after 3 minutes… I kept laughing for the next 30!! (still am). Oh that poor elder…. I wonder what he is going to write home about that today haha! 

Something here that thas changed me forever: I have vowed that i will never eat another hot dog in my life!  I dont know if you have heard the rumors but i am here to tell you that the rumors are TRUE! Almost every meal the cooks here always creatively put in hotdogs bits into to meal… or just serve plain ól hot dogs. I didnt even like hot dogs to begin with! But after one cold dreary night in my bed  with stomach ache from a hot dog, i decided then and there i would never eat another one again! …but then a few days later they served corn dogs and i ate it and enjoyed it… but thats totally different!  ha!

Well family i have decided ill write you a more detailed letter about what is going on so i dont bore the others with a long email. So ill get crack-o-lackin on that! But here are some quick points.

-Im the most musically inclined in my district so i feel like im the musical chairman or something choosing and starting the hymns everyday

-It was freezing here the other day (hasnt been that way since) but i decided to pull out my HUGE-O Colorado coat and people called me the abominable snowman!!!

P1010291 P1010292

…i also slept with 4 blankets that night

– Some elder here that I didnt know randomly came up to me and asked me for my email… weird.

– Im oddly enough enjoying my longer skirts (sigh, yes mom you were right… but only if theyre cute!) Because i dont have to worry about pulling them down and I have more freedom to sit as i please!

– Every night i look forward to eating my two gummy vitamins because they are tasty and a good way to end my LONG days here each night! Oh just the little and small things that have changed that pleas-eth me now… sad i know. haha

-I LOVE one of my roomates (she has a top bunk too) and we stay up too late sometimes just laughing!!

-whenever i yell out “Do a little dance!!” a few of the hermanas and I here will have a mini dance party!

-Random songs pop into my head all the time and i sing them with great joy and an hermana here well yell out “Heathen song!!” and then start singing along too!

-It´s always chilly in the classrooms so my companera and i enjoy studying outside with the sun! Thank goodness she likes that too


-There´s a nutella bar here for breakfast and dinner here and lets just say there has been little nights that i have not gone to it.. un-freaking-limited nutella!! I get too much joy out of it. My favorite so far a bowl of frosted flakes with nutella. mmmm its heavenly I tell ya!

-Im one of the most fit girls here and I give myself pretty good work outs everyday and stretch too its been really good!

-my companions feet still stink… always

-still laughing about the elder tooting (its been 4 days since)

-hot dogs hot dogs hot dogs…

– chocolate makes me IMMENSELY happy!!

…i had more bullets than i though i would…

AND I LOVE YOU ALL!! xoxoxoxo

-Hermana McRazy!!


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