First PDAY! (email #1) 11/12/13


HELLO HOME! Hermana McRae here not reporting for duty right now bc it´s my first official PDAY!!!! Ya you could say i like it;) We went to the temple this morning so that felt great to be out of this jail cell here (jk it really doesnt feel like jail here.. well maybe a bit, but it mostly just looks like a jail from the outside with a big ól wall around the outside with barbed wire on the top!)! You´ll be happy to know I have had beans everyday for lunch since ive been here and my pooh had been regular! NO DIARRHEA BOOOYAAA!  

Mi companera and i get along great! She´s related to bro adair in HG YSA ward so thats cool! She may also have some stinky feet that I have to deal with but whatever. (i think if thats the only thing i have to complain about from a person im chained to all day that that isnt too shabby!). 

Sent some photos… The one on the bus is the group of missionaries that were all on my flight driving to the MTC from the airport. Notice the one of me in my room how neat and tidy my stuff is and my bed (top bunk with an ugly orange Mtc blanket) is made! And yes it looks like that everyday! Then the others are Me at the temple this morning with the other Hermanas in my district. The girl with the shortest brown hair is my companion.

IMG_00331  IMG_00361  IMG_00391 (2)

Wish i could think of more things to say at the moment but i wrote everything down the other day ina letter home to family and bethany that i cant remember now… Oh i know! one of my roommate snores super di ooperdy loud so her companion took pity on us and gave us some of her ear plugs (of course i can sleep through anything though but they still helped). 

I feel like im living in a little bubble here in a little make believe community bc that´s exaclty what it is!! So i have been asking everybody here if they ever watched Gilmore Girls bc yes my friends im sort of living in a sort-of-not-really Stars Hallow!

Hope all is nice and dandy at home! I knew you all would be missing me while i am gone! I keep singing it here haha! Miss my guitar thats for sure. Miss sleep but i guess going to bed so exhausted is a sense of accomplishment! And yes ive been getting up on time and looking good ere´day too! So heck to the yes! Hermana McRae is doing good! Miss you all! PEACE (or as we like to say here PAZ haha)! ❤


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