Happy Christmas Harry! (email #6) 12/23/13


Wahooo im finally in the feild! and guess what? ITS SNOWING!!!!! and guess what else? ive dug and pushed our car out of stuck parts 4 times already…. YUP all is well here haha!

First off, Laura dont be jealous, every morning im either doing turbo fire or insanity! Ya baby!

Secondly, i have a new companion. …SHE IS FROM SPAIN! So yes Spanish is her first language and she will be helping me mucho! Also she is the sister training leader here so I am paired with the best! AND she is super crazy and fun with me and we get along great! So two thumbs up here!!!

Well there is no Spanish branch here. That is where me and my compenera come in. Dah dah dah dahhhhhhhh we are going to save all of the Spanish people here and create and Spanish branch from them. But we basically are starting form scratch since every Hispanic person here is Catholic. Butwe have investigators and a lot of potentials so we are busy at work! work work work! Did i mention i love my bed haha? but really.

There are a total of three wards here in Craig Colorado and me and my companera Hermana Encarnacion (yes just like nacho libre!) are attending and serving in each one. And the people her must be very creative as well  there ward names are first ward, second ward and third ward! I know, its taking me a while to remember all of these new names haha!

But we did attend second wards ward Christmas party this past saturday and guess what song was sang?? The classic 12 days of Christmas! The wards here are tiny so imgaine half of the basketball court filled with almost filled tables. Anyways I assigned “AND A PARTRIDGE IN A PEAR TREE!” along with three other old guys. Not to brag or anything but we were the best! Sont you all worry i sang LOUD and PROUD 🙂 🙂 🙂

ALSO, my first dinner here i apparently made it to the coolest house ever! It is called “the oreo house” and they always have oreos that we put on fancy scewers to dip in milk for dessert haha! So i was throroughly happy!

Well just because this just came to mind, can I have everyone give me a big whopp whoopp!?! NO MORE HOT DOGS!!! I know, your sad to hear my hot dogs tales have seized and have finally come to an end, *tears* …*of joy* 😀 What willI have to talk about now that my amusement of the hot dogs are gone?!

Well on a lesser note, I attended a funeral this weekend and the whole entire town of Craig was in tears. It was cool to see the bond between the enitre town though. They all came together and were really just all so full of love.

Hey and another cool story. I went to the dollar store. …haha jk thats not all of it i just wanted Laura to get really excited! But really, we had to go to the dollar store and walmart to go on a shopping spree for all of the necessities that were needed in our house such as cleaning supplies and a shower curtain and food essentials. We were supplied with money from the church and what seemed like a lot i guess went really fast because by our last check out we were left with only one dollar! One dollar!!! My companera y yo declared it was inspiration! I thought it was pretty cool! You can bet my jaw was dropped!

So what i have learned this week is we need not be afrain of sharing this gospel at all! In fact we should rejoice and be So excited to share it! We are sharing the message of everlasting happiness and bringing Glad tidings of great joy to everyone we share it with!

-i keep getting random nose bleeds here bc of the elevation

-i live in a ghetto apartment

-my new comp DOESN’T have stinky feet 🙂

-I cant wait to skype on Christmas

-3 sacrament meetings and my eyes were open for 2 out of the three (big pat on the back!)

-new address is 1175 W 6th St #3, Craig Colorado 81625

-my comp thinks im crazy and laughs at me all of the time and i dont always know why…

-We bought a cheep shower curtain that looks like an oasis so now my showers really do feel like paradise haha

-I NEED TO LEARN MORE SPANISH – so now everything that is anything included the carpet is labled in spanish words in our appartment. i.e. Papel de bano – toilet papaer!!! (we got the essentials down:)

-it was sad to leave my last district form the MTC and my last companion hermana adair but I am enjoying every new bit that was placed in front of me and it is exciting!


-Hermana Mcrazy!


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