Happy Bday tomorrow Madre! (email #3) 11/26/13

“EVERYBODY SCREAM EVERYBODY SCREAM!!!” – part of the lyrics from the Nightmare Before Christmas… OK so I have been singing this song all week and i will tell you why. It´s hilarious. One regular morning (i had taken a shower and went to bed with my hair wet the night before), i got up and dropped out of my bunk and  made my way to the bathroom with my eyes half open since it was too early to open them any further. My top bunk buddy (my roomate who teases me all the time- dont worry i dont miss an opportunity to tease her as well- and we laugh all of the time), was already in there getting ready in there with what feels like the brightest lights in the world already turned on. So I have to squint and i finally can open my eyes wide enough that i can see my reflection in the mirror…. DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN!! I look absolutley frightening!! It was probably one of the scariest things i had ever beheld or laid eyes on… myself. HAHA my top-bunk-buddy and I could not stop laughing at how awful i looked! Let´s just say it was a BAD oh so really bad hair day. I had to put it up in a bun. You probably dont see how hilarious this is but man we are still making jokes about it and its been a few days!

Well on a lesser fun note. My companion has been having pretty bad migraines so the other day it got really bad and she asked for a blessing. Probably one the coolest experiences here. Our district leader gave her one of the best blessings i have ever heard. it was his first time. and afterwards we were just silent. We walked all of the way to dinner after that in silence the spirit was so strong (and its a pretty long walk). My companion later said “oh there was no doubt in my mind that blessing was from God!” So it was pretty amazing and she is feeling a lot better.

Also you all want to know how amazing I am? My entire district is sick and I am the only one who doesnt have a cold or anything! I know, im special. They all say my time will come but I think im way too stubborn for that too even happen cause im like NO WAY! So ive been taking extra good care of myself!




Ok well everybody here, if they didnt know before, now knows that I sing… there were some HILARIOUS natives here that only knew a little bit of english so our conversations are awesome of course. But we got onto the conversation of music. And they promised me that they would sing “I shot the sheriff” if I would sing that song from the Titanic…. bleh. But I did it, it was just me in a classroom singing at the top of my lungs (you’ve all heard it before) “Here, far, wherever you are….” it was short but i did it. Some videoed it on there cameras so that wasnt embarrassing or anything… but it was ok bc next was my native friends turn and it was so funny! A Mexican who can hardly speak any English singing “I shot the sheriff, but i didnt shoot the deputy.” all high pitched, it was great. I so wish you could have heard it!

Well i think you will all be glad to know that I still refused to eat any hot dogs this week. But dont you fret, they were still served like I promised. Ahhh always a treat to look forward too.

My espanol is coming along. Im still liking it a lot here! Of course i miss you all but hot dang im loving it here! I must admit, it almost reminded me a bit like EFY when i first got here but then you have to remember “oh ya, I cant have any contact with the elders except for handshakes!” My teachers are awesome! One likes to call me Hermana McRazy! Our “investigators” are doing well, my companion and I always surprisingly do better than excpected and one even asked when he could be baptized even before we had asked him if he would be!

I feel the spirit here guaranteed everyday! I have Spanish conversations guaranteed everyday! I sing, pray and read the scriptures here guaranteed everyday! I sleep great every night and laugh with my top bunk buddy guaranteed everyday! And I see a hot dog here guaranteed everyday!

We went to the temple today again and it was all in Spanish. Not a lick of English in there! It´s really cool though. By the time im home you wont even be able to understand me bc Ill only be speaking Spanish! BOO YA!




pictures being sent: My companion and i discovered the elevator here and it is sick! We went the temple today and visitors center is way cooler than any other i have been in! In the kitchen picture i pretended i was dad cooking some eggs:) you see a tree- you climb it. Ive been tumbling here too and i still have my bag of tricks! An elder and I are going to have a hand stand constest and a wheelbarrow race today after we slack line so ill let you know the results next week 😉


IMG_00651  IMG_00581


Although I am having lots of fun here, I am none the less constantly studying, practicing the language and learning doctrine. And yes mom, I am writing in my journal most nights. My testimony has grown a lot! Im so thankful for who I am and what i know to be true! I pray for you all every night. Missionaries rule. 100% baby!

Everyone better tell Marry Poppins, I mean mom happy birthday tomorrow for me!


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